Witness Avril Lavigne’s Hair Transformation as Yungblud Gives Her a Haircut… On a Toilet!

Witness Avril Lavigne's Hair Transformation as Yungblud Gives Her a Haircut... On a Toilet!

As a beauty writer, part of my job is keeping an eye out for celebrities’ new haircuts and hair colors, no matter how minimal the change is. Though I’ve seen plenty of hair transformations, I was not prepared to see singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne getting her latest haircut on a toilet from British singer Yungblud, who also perched atop said toilet.

The “My Happy Ending” singer shared video evidence of the cut on October 26 via Instagram for her millions of fans to freak out, whether from excitement or disappointment. (Honestly, all I could think about while watching the video was how on-brand it was for the 2000s pop-punk icon.)

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người và tóc vàng

This cut is not a trim at all. Yungblud went all out and chopped off almost half of her hair. In the video, Lavigne was sitting on the toilet in an all-black ensemble with her orange dip-dyed hair that touches (well, used to touch) her waist. Behind her, Yungblud was sitting with a large pair of silver scissors and a section of her hair in hand.

In one quick snip, her pumpkin-hued ends were gone. Of course, Yungblud wasn’t going to let Lavigne leave with just one section of haircut, so he proceeded to chop off even more of those vibrant ends.

Avril Lavigne, unfortunately, didn’t reveal the final haircut, so she could have gone much shorter. I’m willing to bet that most of what was cut off were, in fact, extensions rather than her own hair. But until the final reveal, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Don’t try this at home, folks.