Shocking : Taylor Swift was HEARTBROKEN After Travis Kelce was seen with Kayla Nicole in las Vegas…

After months of speculation, countless calculations, and possible flight plans, media and fans are convinced that Taylor Swift has plenty of time to fly from Japan to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl. All except the main interested party: her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

Shocking : Taylor Swift was HEARTBROKEN After Travis Kelce was seen with Kayla Nicole in las Vegas...

Thanks to the detailed investigation of reporters and analysts, today it is known that although Swift has a concert in Tokyo, Japan, on February 10 and the flight from said city to Las Vegas would take between 12 and 13 hours, the international date line would make it possible for her to arrive in time for kickoff.

Despite this, Kelce himself does not seem to be so convinced. In one of the many interviews he has given prior to the game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end hinted that his girlfriend could miss the title game.

A reporter asked Kelce if Taylor had already given him a “pep talk” before the game. Laughing, the player replied that she had not done it since the singer is very busy finalizing the details to resume her Eras Tour, now in Japan. The bomb fell a second later.

Taylor could miss the Super Bowl:

“The Super Bowl, we’ll worry about if she can make it,” the player blurted, causing a ripple effect in traditional and social media.

The news caused some disappointment in the media, especially after the “Bad Blood” singer had attended all the playoff games. She even earned the unofficial title of the Chiefs’ lucky charm.

Although he did not mention it, one of the reasons why Kelce would be doubting that Swift could go see him play in the NFL title game is the logistics of the trip. Arriving in Las Vegas, especially, could be a headache for the lovebirds.

Swift and her private jet:

The singer is one of the celebrities who uses her private jet the most-which has earned her a fair amount of criticism. Swift owns a French-made Dassault Falcon 7X, with capacity for 16 passengers.

That is one of the main reasons why the press has taken it for granted that she can reach Super Bowl LVIII. However, it can also be one of her biggest impediments, since all the parking spaces for this type of aircraft at nearby airports are full.

In addition to the normal influx in a city like Las Vegas, the Super Bowl will coincide with a date on the LIV Golf Tour. This has complicated the city’s logistics and therefore represents another obstacle for Swift to be present at Allegiant Stadium on February 11.

Nothing has been said about it. Not even the singer has confirmed or denied her presence in the NFL’s Big Game, but if she decided to do so, her own star power and the reach of the NFL would have no problem solving such an inconvenience.

Being in Sin City, it’s worth wondering what the odds are for Swift’s presence in the Super Bowl.

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