Avril Lavigne puts on very cheeky display in daring outfit that divides fans

Avril Lavigne puts on very cheeky display in daring outfit that divides fans

Avril Lavigne often serves up grunge-girl style inspiration, and her latest social media post was no exception.

The Complicated singer, 38, added nine Instagram photos alongside the caption: “Lyfe Lately,” and one cheeky photo sparked quite a reaction among her followers. In the mirror selfie, Avril turned side on to reveal her low-rise black trousers with a 90s-style G-string visible above the waistline, alongside a star tattoo on her hip.

Avril Lavigne wearing low rise trousers and a G-string with a cropped black jacket in a mirror selfie

Avril Lavigne in fishnet tights and PVC skirt holding her finger up to the camera

Some of her other daring outfits included fishnet tights with a PVC mini skirt, a pleated purple skirt and chunky boots, and even a personalised necklace with her name written in silver and white beads.

“The 2nd pic… cover up more please… that’s not like you,” remarked one, referring to her G-string snap, while another wrote: “The Kardashification of Avril Lavigne.” More of Avril’s followers leapt to her defence over the comments, writing: “Avril grew up guys, accept it,” and: “She is a grown woman now obviously she’s going to change her look. I think she looks amazing!”

Avril Lavigne in a beaded name necklace with orange eye makeup

This comes shortly after Avril was pictured in a cropped black sweatshirt with crystal appliqués, a black and orange harness skirt with a corseted waist and her signature fishnet tights and combat boots during her Love Sux Tour.

The singer – who split from her fiance Mod Sun before dating rapper Tyga, 33 – has previously opened up about her ever-evolving style, which she said has changed with each of her albums.

“It’s kind of fun, because I think of how each album naturally had its own look and feel,” she told Billboard. While she said she went through a “tomboy-ish” stage with Let Go and chose “goth and bondage pants” for Under My Skin, her 2022 album Love Sux was “a little bit of all of my styles over the years.”

Avril Lavigne and Tyga hug on stage in matching black outfits

“It’s a big part of my music. Visuals, with fashion and all that,” she added. Proving her penchant for 90s and 00s fashion, Avril added that she loves the fact that some styles are once again becoming popular.

Avril Lavigne Performs At Le Zenith Paris on her Love Sux Tour

“It’s more sexy now too. Everything used to be so baggy and low, and now, the new versions are high-waisted with a crop top. On my second album, I used to wear a lot of corsets and now corsets are back!” We’re keeping our fingers crossed we see more crimped hair, butterfly clips and double denim in that case!