Avril Lavigne: “Fame Didn’t Really Hit Me & It Almost Still Hasn’t”

Avril Lavigne acknowledges that her early hits including “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated” will always define her career

Avril Lavigne says teenage stardom was really awkwardAvril Lavigne says teenage stardom was really awkward ( Photo Credit – Instagram )
Pop star Avril Lavigne shot to fame during her teens, after releasing her debut album, “Let Go”, in 2002, and the singer admits she wasn’t comfortable with the attention that came her way.

“I was so young and so shy. Being on camera for the first time and talking was really awkward for a teenager. I envied bands – because all five of the guys get to do interviews together and travel together and go on stage together. But it’s always just been me by myself for my whole career,” she said.


Avril Lavigne acknowledges that her early hits including “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated” will always define her career, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Avril Lavigne told the BBC: “It’s quite an extraordinary thing that’s happened. I look back and feel very humble. Honestly, all I really cared about as a little girl was just singing. I didn’t even know what Hollywood was, or a record deal, and it all came together.”

Despite this, Avril still lives her life in a relatively normal way.

The chart-topping star believes that fame has largely passed her by.

Avril Lavigne said: “In a weird way, it didn’t really hit me – and it almost still hasn’t. I feel like I’m grounded and I’m normal. I cook, I go grocery shopping, I do normal things – and then I have my career.

“I kind of separate it. There’s these crazy achievements that have happened, but I don’t think about them.”

She also admires the teenage stars of today, like Olivia Rodrigo.

Avril Lavigne reflected: “It’s cool seeing other female artists out there at the same age I was when I started out. They’re writing about the things they’re going through at that age – dating for the first time, breaking up for the first time, all those intense emotions.

“I love seeing them and the success they’ve had as singer-songwriters.”