In a recent show, Adele wore a seductive off-the-shoulder dress. This is a costume model made by designer Cong Tri.

Recently, Adele attracted attention when she posted a series of behind-the-scenes photos of the Weekends With Adele music night , receiving 3 million likes on Instagram.

In the photo, the female singer shows off her charming beauty in a luxurious black dress. Vietnamese audiences were delighted to realize that the owner behind the outfit Adele wore was designer Cong Tri.
Adele transforms into a goddess in Cong Tri's outfit - 1Adele wears a design made by Cong Tri (Photo: Provided by the character).

Cong Tri said that in this collaboration, he and Adele’s crew have been discussing and coming up with ideas since August. The dress was tailored and created according to the personality of the “English nightingale” with fabric materials. high-class.

The designer created an A-line shape with just the right amount of tightness to help highlight the 8X singer’s figure. The delicate off-the-shoulder part further enhances Adele’s charm, bringing a harmonious beauty between modern and classic spirits.

The highlight in the design is the attachment technique that bears Cong Tri’s signature. His team of more than 10 artisans took more than 200 hours of work to perfect the elaborate, sophisticated Swarovski crystal-embellished dress. The stones come in a variety of sizes, providing maximum visual impact.
Adele transforms into a goddess in Cong Tri's outfit - 2Cong Tri’s crew spent 200 hours perfecting the attachment of crystal stones to the dress (Photo: Provided by the character).

This is not the first time Cong Tri has made costumes for Adele. In December 2022, the team of “British Nightingale” contacted Cong Tri after the designer’s Spring Summer 2023 collection was released. Afterwards, Cong Tri created an A-line dress with high-quality sequins, inspired by fireworks, for Adele to wear at the show in Las Vegas on February 11.