Taylor Swift will permanently move in with ‘soulmate’ Travis Kelce if the ‘practice run’ at his $6 million Kansas City mansion goes well

According to insiders, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will move in together permanently if their ‘practice run’ at his $6 million Kansas City mansion goes well. The’soulmates’ have discussed starting a family.


On Tuesday, a moving truck was spotted outside the NFL star’s new home, just one day after Taylor, 33, completed the South American leg of her Eras tour with a sold-out concert in Brazil, with furniture and other items pictured inside.


The couple, who began dating in September, are said to be’obsessed’ with each other, flying to and from his games and her concerts to spend time together.


‘While Taylor isn’t officially moving in with Travis, her friends and family believe she isn’t exactly moving out,’ an insider close to the Blank Space singer exclusively told DailyMail.com.


Taylor Swift's friends and family believe Travis Kelce, 34 (pictured in September after a Kansas City Chiefs game) is her 'soulmate'Taylor, 33, is staying at Travis's $6 million home (pictured here) as 'a practice run,' for the future, according to a sourceOn Tuesday, a moving van was seen unloading furniture and other personal belongings into Travis's mega-mansion, where Taylor flew to after wrapping her South American tour dates

A moving van was seen unloading furniture and other personal belongings into Travis’s mega-mansion on Tuesday, where Taylor flew after wrapping up her South American tour dates.


‘Everyone is convinced Taylor and Travis are soulmates. Taylor, like Travis, believes this.


‘They are both completely obsessed with each other and, yes, in love. They both want the same things in life: a future and, perhaps, a family. If things continue to go as they are, they will cohabitate because that is what couples in love do. In some ways, this is like a practice run.’


The legendary musician and the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end are reportedly planning to spend the holidays together and have no plans to separate – except when their careers require it.


‘If things continue to go as they are, they will cohabitate because that is what couples in love do. Couples live together,’ the source went on to sаy.


‘It’s about where her heart is, and right now her heart is in his home in Kansas City with the man she loves,’ says Taylor.


Taylor’s real estate holdings, which include homes in New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Los Angeles, are estimated to be worth around $80 million.


Despite her obvious desire to shack up with her new man, the Love Story singer has no plans to sell any.


‘These houses are not being sold, and she is not getting rid of any of her belongings, nor is she packing everything and loading it into Travis’s attic,’ the source added.


Travis and Taylor were seen arriving separately to the newly-built $8 million mansion owned by Travis’ teammate Patrick Mahomes, 28, and his wife Brittany, 28 as a van unloaded furniture at Travis’ luxury 17,000 sq. ft. property.

Taylor and Travis enjoyed a double date with his teammate Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany, 28 - pictured with Taylor at a Chiefs game earlier this year

Taylor stepped out with Brittany and Selena Gomez, 31, earlier this monthTaylor and Travis spent several hours at Patrick's brand new $8 million home the same day that a moving van was seen at Travis's crib

The two couples spent several hours at Mahomes’ mega-mansion, which includes a full-length football field with his nаme in the end zone and his logo on the 20 yard line.


They were then seen returning to Travis’s newly built six-bedroom, six-bathroom home, which was said to have been built specifically for Taylor.


Taylor won’t be back on stage until February 7, when she embarks on a tour of Japan.


Meanwhile, the couple has plenty of time to spend playing house.


‘It has been time snatched up until now because they both have such busy schedules,’ a source previously revealed exclusively to DailyMail.com.


Taylor has seen him play in the NFL four times, he flew 5,400 miles to Argentina to see her in concert, and they both appeared on Saturday Night Live.


‘Obviously, those aren’t the kinds of things that a typical new couple would do in their first months together,’ the source added.


‘However, Taylor and Travis can now try to be as normal as their lives allow.


‘They finally have the opportunity and time to spend some quality time together.’


Travis discussed attending one of her concerts on his New Heights podcast in July, as well as his failed attempt to give Taylor his phone number.


‘There were definitely people she knew who knew who I was, in her corner [who said]: ‘Yo! “Did you know he was on his way?” I had someone playing Cupid for me.’


Taylor quickly contacted Travis, and the Chiefs star stated, ‘She told me exactly what was going on and how I got lucky enough to get her to reach out.’


Taylor was spotted at a Kansas City Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears in late September, sparking speculation about the couple’s budding romance.

Pro football player Travis recently opened up about his whirlwind romance with Taylor during an interview with the Wall Street Journal'I've never been a man of words,' he told the outlet, adding: 'Being around her, seeing how smart Taylor is, has been f***ing mind-blowing. I'm learning every day'

Travis recently spoke out about their highly publicized union, telling the Wall Street Journal, “Everyone around me was telling me, “Don’t f**k this up!” Obviously, I’ve never dated anyone who exudes that kind of aura.


‘I’ve never had to deal with it. But, at the same time, I’m not running from anything.’


‘The scrutiny she gets, how much she has a magnifying glass on her, every single day, paparazzi outside her house, outside every restaurant she goes to, after every flight she gets off, and she’s just living, enjoying life,’ he continued.


‘I’d better not be the one acting strange when she acts like that.’


The two had met each other’s entire families and were planning to spend Thanksgiving together before Taylor’s tour was cut short on November 17 when fan Ana Clara Benevides, 23, collapsed and died in the oppressive heat at her show in Rio de Janeiros.


Taylor was devastated by Ana’s deаth. ‘I can’t tell you how devastated I am by this,’ she wrote on Instagram. ‘She was breathtakingly beautiful and far too young.’


Taylor invited five members of the young fan’s family to her final show last Sunday, where they sat in a VIP tent and watched her perform.

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