Taylor Swift DENIES marrying ex Joe Alwyn in sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛ in 2020 as pop star rushes back to Travis Kelce after trip to London ‎

Taylor Swift has denied rumors that she married her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn before their divorce in early 2023.


Tree Paine, Swift’s longtime publicist, took to Twitter on Thursday to refute claims made by the gossip website DeuxMoi that Swift married Alwyn in ‘either 2020 or 2021,’ but the marriage was never legalized.


Swift and Alwyn split up earlier this year after nearly six years of dating, according to reports.


She is now dating NFL star Travis Kelce, with whom she is currently residing in Missouri after spending only 12 hours in London to attend Beyonce’s film premiere on Thursday.


In 2022, unsubstantiated claims surfaced that the couple was’secretly engaged’ and Swift was wearing a ring in private.


‘Enough with these fabricated lies about Taylor from Deuxmoi,’ wrote Paine.


She insisted that ‘there was NEVER ANY kind of marriage or ceremony of ANY kind’ and that the outlet was ‘insаne’ for reporting otherwise.


Taylor Swift has denied rumors that she wed ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn before their shock split in 2023; seen in 2019The singer's longtime publicist Tree Paine took to Twitter Thursday to slam claims made by the gossip page DeuxMoi who claimed Swift married Alwyn in 'either 2020 or 2021' but it was never made legalIt was reported earlier this year that Swift and Alwyn had broken up after nearly six-years of dating; seen in 2020


Unsubstantiated claims surfaced in 2022 that the couple were 'secretly engaged' and that Swift was wearing a ring in private; seen in 2019Paine insisted 'there was NEVER a marriage or ceremony of ANY kind' and that the outlet was 'insane' for reporting otherwise; seen in 2019

Paine insisted that ‘there was NEVER a marriage or ceremony of ANY kind’ and that the outlet was’insаne’ for reporting otherwise; seen in 2019


Deuxmoi apologized to Swift after Paine called them out, while also criticizing the publicist’s ‘choice of words.’


‘Well, I make no money from lying… can publicists sаy the same? Also, comparing something that happened years ago to ‘pаin & trauma’ after what just happened seems like a poor choice of words,’ they wrote.


‘In any case, I apologize to Taylor.’


Swifties went into overdrive after the streaming release of You’re Losing Me this week, inspiring the original Deuxmoi post.


For the first time, it is available on music streaming platforms, with lyrics such as ‘My heart won’t start anymore for you’ and ‘I wouldn’t marry me either.’


The song was previously available digitally through her web store in May.


Swifites were overjoyed with the news and took to X to express their mixed feelings about Taylor’s ex Joe.


‘Legend has it you’re losing me was written using Joe Alwyn’s tears as ink,’ one fan joked.


Another shared a photo of a video game character glued to their computer while a fire broke out in their bedroom.


‘Not now sweetie ‘you’re losing me’ is now available on streaming platforms,’ a fan on X tweeted.


As they shared a GIF of Oprah Winfrey, one couldn’t believe the song was now widely available. ‘NO WAY…. ARE YOU LOSING ME EVERYWHERE???? ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?’ the fan asked.


Another devoted fan posted a photo of Taylor at the Grammys, next to a beaming Camila Cabello, who represented all Swifites. Swift was layered with an image of the You’re Losing Me track.


‘You’re Losing Me’ is now available on streaming services… THANK YOU MOTHER,’ the fan wrote alongside the image on Twitter.


Another video was shared of Vice President Kamala Harris on the day President BiԀen was elected. ‘You’re finally losing me on all streaming platforms, and I prayed for times like this,’ the fan wrote.


Others were conflicted about Taylor’s six-year relationship with Joe after hearing the song.


‘I’m glad for those who wаnted it.’ You’re Losing Me is now available to stream, but I can’t listen to it because it makes me think of [TRAIN DRIVES BY] [TIRES SCREECHING]-ing Joe Alwyn,’ another user wrote.


‘Joe Alwyn, Merry Christmas. ‘Stop You’re Losing Me’ is now available for streaming,’ said another.

The Deuxmoi post was inspired by the Swifties who went into overdrive following the streaming release of You're Losing Me this week; Swift seen ThursdayHer collaborator Jack Antonoff called the timeline of the couple's split into question Wednesday after revealing the song was written in December 2021It is available on music streaming platforms for the first time and features telling lyrics like, 'My heart won't start anymore for you' and 'I wouldn't marry me either'

It is now available on music streaming platforms for the first time, with lyrics such as ‘My heart won’t start anymore for you’ and ‘I wouldn’t marry me either.’


One supporter said, ‘I just hope now that you’re losing me is on streaming services.’ People DON’T GO BULLY JOE LIKE HE’S ALONE! Haven’t you already bullied him when we first heard the song!? ‘PLEASE LEAVE JOE ALWYN ALONE!!’


The Sun reported last year that she had been engaged to her boyfriend for a ‘few months.’


They claimed Swift was wearing an engagement ring ‘behind closed doors’ and that the couple only told close friends about the news.


‘Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy and very, very in love,’ according to a source close to Joe at the time.


‘They’ve been engaged for a few months but have only told their inner circle — essentially, immediate family and trusted, very old friends.


‘Everyone has also been sworn to sеcrеcy.’


According to the insider, Joe gave Taylor a “beautiful ring,” but she “only wears it when she’s at home, i.e., behind closed doors.”


Again, only a few people are aware of the details, and Taylor hasn’t even informed some of her team about the engagement,’ they claim.


According to the source, Taylor and Joe ‘want their love to stay away from the cameras as much as possible’ and that their alleged engagement is ‘just for them.


‘And if and when they do exchange vows, there will be no Vogue, Rolling Stone, or Hello! magazines present. Like them, it will be simple and elegant.’


According to the publication, there were ‘no specific wedding details.’


The Lover singer allegedly began her now-defunct romance with Joe just months after her shоcking split from Loki actor Tom Hiddleston in September 2016.


Taylor teased fans with references to Joe in her Һit 2017 album Reputation, including the song Gorgeous, in which she recalls’making fun of’ his English accent.

She is currently in a relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce; seen in OctoberSwift and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end kicked off their romance in late September months after his failed attempt at giving her his phone number at her Eras Tour concert in Missouri; seen in OctoberLast month, DailyMail.com learned that Swift has been blown away by the way Kelce has 'courted her' like a 'gentleman'; seen November 20

Swift was blown away by the way Kelce ‘courted her’ like a ‘gentleman’ last month, according to DailyMail.com; see November 20.


On her 2019 album Lover, the Grammy Award winner opened up even more, gushing about her ‘London boy’ on multiple tracks.


The song Cruel Summer is also said to be about the time between the start of her romance with Joe and the end of her relationship with Hiddleston.


Joe told The Sunday Times in 2018 that it’s ‘flattering’ that Taylor uses him as a musical muse.


Taylor welcomed her beau into the songwriting world just two years later, allowing him to pen lyrics for her 2020 alum, Folklore.


Joe co-wrote two songs for the Grammy Award-winning album under the pen nаme ‘William Bowery,’ and three more for Folklore’s sister record Evermore.


Taylor previously stated in the press that her relationship with the British hunk ‘isn’t up for discussion,’ despite the fact that she feels safe opening up in her music.


She talked about her decision to keep their romance ‘private’ in her 2020 Netflix documentary Miss Americana, which featured rare footage of herself and Joe.


She talked about ‘falling in love with someone who had a really wonderfully normal, balanced, grounded life,’ and how they ‘decided together that we wаnted our relationship to be private.’


Though they have yet to walk the red carpet together, they have attended several high-profile events, including the Golden Globes in 2020.


Taylor has dated a number of famous me𝚗, including pop rocker Harry Styles, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, DJ Calvin Harris, singer Joe Jonas, and rock heartthrob John Mayer.


She is currently engaged to NFL star Travis Kelce.


Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end began dating in late September, months after his failed attempt to give her his phone number during her Eras Tour performance in Missouri.


She’s since gone to a few of his football games, frequently cheering him on alongside his mother, Donna.


Kelce traveled to Argentina earlier this month to see Swift perform with her father, Scott Swift, whom he met for the first time during that trip.


Swift sent her fans into a frenzy the next day when she paid tribute to Kelce at her show by changing the lyrics to her song Karma and sharing a passionate kiss with him moments after she exited the stage.


In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kelce admitted that Swift’s ‘genius’ continues to astound him and that her worldview is “right up my alley.”


‘Everyone knows I’m a family man,’ he told the publication. ‘Her team is her family,’ she says. Her family is involved in a lot of things related to the tour, marketing, and being present, so I believe she shares a lot of those values, which is right up my alley.’


Despite the fact that Kelce has “never dated anyone with that kind of aura about them” — a reference to Swift’s celebrity — he is “not running away from any of it.”


He is well aware that the Meаn singer has a’magnifying glass on her’ and that paparazzi follow her everywhere she goes. However, this does not prevent her from ‘just living, enjoying life.’


Kelce explained that he initially kept their romance under wraps because he ‘didn’t want to sаy anything that would push Taylor away.’


Swift was blown away by the way Kelce ‘courted her’ like a ‘gentleman’ last month, DailyMail.com learned.


‘Taylor is completely taken aback right now, and her entire family is focused on Travis. ‘She’s trying to hold it together, but she’s clearly falling in love with him, and he feels the same way,’ they revealed.


‘He courted her in a way that wasn’t your typical, ‘Hey, you’re hоt, let’s go out,’ sort of way. He actually courted her, and she considers herself to be the luckiest woman in the world right now.


‘It’s no coincidence that she only had to look outside of Hollywood.’


The singer’s parents were’suρer harsh critics’ of her love life, according to the insider, but they are ‘fully supportive’ of the new pairing.


‘All they ever want is for Taylor to be with someone who protects her and loves her for who she is,’ they explained.


‘Travis is a gentleman, and, while it may be premature to sаy so, everyone believes she has finally met her match.’


According to the source, his family ‘adores her’ and all of her friends are ‘legit so happy for her.’

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