NBA – After his card, LeBron James reacted strongly on social networks, disappointing many people: “Don’t take it lightly..

NBA – After his card, LeBron James reacted strongly on social networks, disappointing many people: “Don’t take it lightly..

La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James

Some doubted LeBron James given his age, and yet the King still has a string of high-level performances. After his recital against the Blazers, he delivered a very strong message to his detractors on Instagram.

A bit like the wine he loves so much, LeBron James seems to get better with time. An impression which is further confirmed for his 21st season in the NBA, already filled with royal performances.

The latest, during which he compiled 35 points, 9 assists and 5 rebounds on the Blazers floor, also greatly contributed to the great victory obtained by his Lakers (107-95).

The King is clearly doing good to his franchise, which thanks to him has regained a positive record (7-6). However, his arrival in the city of Los Angeles was not always well received by everyone.

From the start, some fans questioned his real motivations for arriving in California. However, it seems that his pride was touched by these remarks, to which he has just reacted.

LeBron James’ wild dig at his haters

🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫 But I came here just to make films! That’s not what you said!?!? 👂🏾

Upset, LeBron posted this message on his Instagram story with his stats line, surely to remind once again those who are easy to criticize that he will always respond on the floor.

That said, the fans do not all seem convinced by this performance against the modest Blazers:

I can’t wait to see him deliver the same punchline when the Lakers win the title

The brother tells it to himself after a victory against a lottery team 🤣

LeBron James apparently doesn’t take criticism that easily.

He wanted to make it known on social networks, and despite the statistics displayed in this post, he does not manage to achieve unanimous support among certain fans who are sometimes somewhat slanderous.

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