Henry Cavill really has that kind of effect on everyone, even on Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe Was Left Gawking at Henry Cavill’s “Body Fat Ratio” After Working With Actor in Man of Steel

Henry Cavill’s gorgeous looks and perfectly fit physique make it difficult for fans to resist looking at him, even Russell Crowe could not help but admire the actor. The duo famously worked together in 2013’s Man of Steel, but little did fans know that Crowe inspired Cavill to pursue acting.
Henry CavillHenry Cavill

Back in school, Cavill was constantly teased as “Fat Cavill” by his schoolmates, and he was bullied for his weight. Indeed, becoming Superman is the best revenge against his tormentors, and now, no one dares call him fat anymore.

Russell Crowe Reveals His Reaction When He Looks At Henry Cavill

Man of Steel Henry CavillHenry Cavill in Man of Steel (2013)

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe, and Amy Adams sat down and talked about the Superman actor’s transformation from being “Fat Cavill” to a superhero build. The host joked that he was paid to chat, but it was also fair to just stare at Cavill. He also prompted Crowe to look at the actor, to which he responded:
“I stare at Henry and go, ‘Ya little b*stard’. You and your tall frame, and your body fat ratio. That’s what I do.”
The pair crossed paths when the Gladiator star was filming Proof of Life at Cavill’s boarding school in Buckinghamshire. Crowe narrated their first encounter via CNN:
“There was a rugby match being played in the background, and there was one kid on that field who was quite dominant and fluid, and so he caught my eye. And in between shots that kid came over and talked to me, but all his questions were about acting.”
Russell Crowe Man of Steel
Russell Crowe in Man of Steel (2013)
There is no doubt that the kid was Cavill. The 16-year-old rugby fan told Crowe he wanted to become an actor and asked for some tips. This brief encounter left a lasting impression on the Noah star. Crowe, then, decided to send the lad a package across the world.

The young Cavill received an unexpected mail in a box containing an Aussie rugby jersey, Aussie sweets, Vegemite, a band CD, and a picture of Crowe in Gladiator. The actor also left a note saying, “Dear Henry, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Russell.” Who would have thought that years later, they would end up working together in the blockbuster film Man of Steel?

Henry Cavill Debunks Rumors Of His Body Fat Ratio

Henry Cavill Workout

Henry Cavill workout
It is easy to see why a lot of actors envy Henry Cavill’s body. Rumors claimed he only had 3% body fat when he portrayed Superman. This seems like a false report as Cavill himself debunked it via The Rich Eisen Show:

“I never took a body fat reading, but I don’t think those are low 3%. That’s, that’s super low […] That’s false.”

Whatever his body fat ratio is, it clearly does not matter anymore as his physique in Man of Steel remains unparalleled. It was the result of rigorous training and strict diet, and most importantly, his passion for bringing Superman to life.

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