Julius Avery, who is set to direct the Van Helsing reboot, shares some interesting details about the said movie

With Wolverine’s MCU Debut, Another Iconic Hugh Jackman Franchise is Getting a Reboot


Hugh Jackman starrer 2004’s Van Helsing is getting a reboot as revealed by The Pope’s Exorcist director, Julius Avery
The director is currently writing the script of the reboot and is set direct it, while famous director James Wan is set to produce it

Not much has been shared about the reboot making many wonder if Hugh Jackman will reprise his role

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman is all set to return as Logan / Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool 3 alongside fellow actor Ryan Reynolds. Although the role of Wolverine played a significant role in making Jackman a household name, he is not only known for this. He has showcased his talent in other big franchises and movies as well, including Van Helsing (2004).

Given 2004’s Van Helsing‘s box office success, it makes sense why director Julius Avery got on board with the idea of a reboot. Universal Pictures had multiple plans for a reboot over the years, however, all of it came crashing down because of COVID-19. In June 2023, fans finally got some exciting news regarding the reboot, from Avery himself.

Van Helsing is all set to get a reboot

Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing

Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing
In June 2023, director Julius Avery appeared for an interview with Fangoria and revealed that he is working on the highly-anticipated reboot of actor Hugh Jackman‘s 2004 movie Van Helsing,
“I mentioned James Wan before, and I’m a huge fan of his. I’ve been wanting to work with him for a while. He’s a fellow Aussie, and yeah, we’re teamed up on a Van Helsing movie together, which I’m currently writing and intend to direct myself with James producing. But yeah, that’s still in motion. I can’t tell you much more than that, but I’m very, very excited about it!”
Inspired by novels by Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley, director Stephen Sommers’ 2004 movie Van Helsing received mixed reviews from the audience but grossed roughly $300 million worldwide on a budget of $160-170 million, making it a financial success.

Will Hugh Jackman return to the franchise?

Hugh Jackman in Van HelsingHugh Jackman in Van Helsing
In the original film, Hugh Jackman played the role of Gabriel Van Helsing, a talented doctor and scientist who’s also a vampire hunter. As of now, it is not confirmed if Jackman will return as the character. Many fans believe that Jackman’s return is unlikely because the creators are looking for a fresh story with new actors. The film is currently in the pre-production stage, so there is no information regarding the film’s premise, characters, or actors who will star in the film.

Back in the early 2000s, actor Tom Cruise almost took the opportunity from Jackman, however, Cruise appeared in The Mummy and passed on the opportunity to Jackman. Given Cruise’s interest in the franchise, there are chances that he might get cast for a role, however, fans will have to wait for a long time before anything gets confirmed.