Taylor Swift could earn $4.1 billion thanks to her Eras Tour

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is expected to earn the star a staggering $4.1 billion – the most money an artist has ever earned from a tour.

Pop star Taylor Swift is expected to earn up to $4.1 billion from her performances, the Washington Post reported. That’s according to estimates from Peter Cohan, Associate Professor of Management at Babson College, who believes that the singer’s income from her world tour alone is equivalent to the economic output of 42 countries.

According to the US press, Taylor Swift’s record tour has also poured billions of dollars into the US economy. Her huge salary will also increase, when the movie Eras Tour  hits theaters this weekend, raking in more than $80 million in revenue before hitting the big screen.

Taylor Swift can earn 4.1 billion USD thanks to her Eras Tour - Photo 1.

Taylor Swift could earn $4.1 billion thanks to her Eras Tour

Fleetwood’s company surveyed 592 Swifties (Taylor Swift’s fan community) and estimated that fans spent about $93 million per show on everything from tickets, merchandise, food to tourism. All of that creates a capital flow of 5.7 billion USD into the US economy.

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Across the country, hotels, restaurants and other local businesses around Eras Tour stops have seen the benefits. In Seattle, downtown hotels set a single-day revenue record, bringing in $7.4 million. Small businesses hosting Swift-themed events or selling tour-related items saw profits increase by $10,000 or even $50,000. And around the stadiums where Swift performs, there are more high-paying jobs than usual.

Even Chris Leyden, Director of Growth Marketing at SeatGeek told the Washington Post: “Swift and her Eras tour redefined the entertainment economy.” Her economy-boosting concerts were even noted by city leaders across America, many of whom praised the singer for adding hundreds of millions to their local finances.