Selena Gomez had earlier opened up about her pre-concert rituals which she copied from Kelly Clarkson after reading it in a magazine.

Musicians have a gala time at their concerts and they make sure their fans have an amazing time but very few know what happens backstage before they kick start their performances. Selena Gomez once spilled the beans on the same revealing that she drinks olive oil sometimes as a pre-concert ritual. During her interaction with Ellen DeGeneres way back in 2010, Selena revealed the real reason she started doing it. Scroll down to know the details.

Selena Gomez Recalled Gagging Every Time She Drank Olive Oil As A Pre-Concert Ritual, Which She Copied From Kelly Clarkson

Selena Gomez recently made headlines when she and her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey Jade Bieber were spotted leaving from the same restaurant in Paris. Selena fans accused the latter of stalking her saying she needs to focus on other things.

Circling back to Selena Gomez’s pre-concert rituals, according to People Magazine, she told Ellen DeGeneres that in order to get her voice right before hitting the stage, she had a warm-up routine which also included drinking olive oil.

Shedding light on the same, Selena asserted, “It’s awful. You let it go down and it coats your throat. I gag every time.” When asked where she learned the trick, Selena did not hesitate to answer and said, “Kelly Clarkson,” further stating, “I read it in an interview, so, I just copied her” while admitting that she has never met Clarkson.

In another interview, the former Disney star spoke about her backstage vibes revealing that she often watches videos of her idol, Britney Spears. She also confessed to eating pickles and fried Cheetos when she is on tour.

Speaking of Spears, Selena shared, “That’s our inspiration I think because it’s just so good. I think that’s the vibe, I want everybody to be able to come in.”

“Preshow rituals, we usually just kind of get together, I have about 20 minutes of lockdown where I do vocal warm-ups,” said Selena further sharing, “And then my dancers come in and we hype each other up. We just kind of run around, get the adrenaline going through us and go onstage and wish for the best.”