Brad Pitt ruined a number of takes trying to deliver the lines in Bullet Train, the actor even called his character a buffoon

Brad Pitt Did Not Have an Easy Time With the Awful Yet Funny Lines in Bullet Train

Despite being one of the most celebrated actors of this generation, often regarded as one of the best following his versatility, even Brad Pitt had a hard time pulling off certain scenes. And while these may not have involved death-defying stunts, it was unquestionably a hard task to pull off, which involved him keeping up a straight face while delivering funny lines in Bullet Train.

Although Pitt is known for tackling more dramatic projects, including the likes of Seven and Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood; in 2022, the Oscar-winner spread his wings in the comedy landscape. However, pulling such a role turned out difficult as Pitt kept on breaking character following the hilarious nature of his lines.

Delivering the Hilarious Lines Wasn’t Easy for Brad Pitt

2022’s Bullet Train had several prominent Hollywood figures, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, but it was Brad Pitt, who was the highlight of the entire movie. Joining forces with Deadpool director David Leitch, Pitt aced in the comedic role, which sees him playing an unlucky assassin determined to do his job peacefully. But pulling off the job wasn’t easy as the actor was in stitches after delivering certain lines, including“S*ck a bag of d*cks lady”, which can be seen in the film’s bloopers.

But despite cracking up during the production process, Pitt did pull it back together, delivering an impeccable performance, deservingly making Bullet Train a box-office hit.
Bullet Train (2022)Brad Pitt | Bullet Train

Playing a Buffoon in the Action Flick Was a New Experience for Brad Pitt

Reflecting on his part in the action comedy, Brad Pitt expressed that he is hardly an action hero in the film, joking “I’m the buffoon in this film.” He further commended Bullet Train‘s director David Leitch, with whom he worked back in Deadpool 2, following the film’s incredible action that revolves around its humor, which was a new experience for Pitt. The Seven Star told People:

” [Leitch] has just got his own vernacular of humor and great action scenes coming from John Wick, Deadpool 2 and now this, and it just [has] that flavor I’ve never gotten before.” He continued, “And it’s really, really fun. Because all the fights are based around the humor,”

Bullet Train (2022)Bullet Train (2022)
But apart from having trouble keeping a straight face while delivering the funny lines, Pitt also took some hits in the movie. And on being asked who slapped him the best, the actor replied, “I’m going to say Brian Tyree Henry”, who joked Brad Pitt wanted “to go full-tilt boogie”, so he gave it his best shot and didn’t hold back.

Bullet Train is available to stream on Netflix.