“Miley Cyrus Declares Birmingham as the Most Daring City on Her Bangerz Tour”

Nola Ojomu reported on May 19, 2014, that Miley Cyrus was gaining notoriety for her risqué behavior, and during a concert in Birmingham, she commended her fans for following suit and labeled the city as the “sluttiest city.” The pop star is currently touring the UK with her sexually charged Bangerz show. See the video below.

If you say so: Miley Cyrus was so impressed with the way her fans in Birmingham were willing to join in her naughty behaviour that she branded it the 'sluttiest city'

Miley Cyrus reportedly praised her fans in Birmingham for their willingness to participate in her risqué behavior during a recent concert. The pop star allegedly referred to the city as the ‘sluttiest city’ due to the crowd’s eagerness to join in on her performance, which included gyrating and urging fans to ‘flash her’. Miley’s comment sparked mixed reactions from the locals, with some taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the title. The incident was covered by the Birmingham Mail.

Bold declaration: Miley - seen her at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards - drew a mixed reaction from city dwellers who took to Twitter to share their views on the title

Miley Cyrus caused quite a stir at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards when she declared Birmingham as the “sluttiest place in the UK”. The statement drew mixed reactions from Twitter users, with some criticizing her for being cheeky while others seemed proud of the title. Despite the controversy, Miley managed to maintain her bad girl reputation by swearing during her acceptance speech for the Top Streaming Song (Video) award. She even pretended to be shocked by her own profanity and quickly apologized. Since beginning her tour, Miley has made headlines for her outrageous behavior, including simulating fellatio and chewing on a fan’s underpants. However, all the publicity seems to be working in her favor as she continues to win awards and enjoy her time in the UK, even indulging in some fish and chips.

No worries: Miley celebrated another successful night by tucking into some fish and chips as she enjoys her time in the UK

No need to fret: Miley enjoyed the fruits of her labor by indulging in a serving of fish and chips while relishing her stay in the United Kingdom.

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