The duo previously grabbed a bite to eat at Carbone in N.Y.C. in May

Doja Cat displays her curves in a tiny orange two-piece bikini while packing on the PDA with comedian Jeffrey Cyrus as the duo enjoys some downtime in Los Cabos, Mexico

Doja Cat and J.Cyrus. PHOTO:

Doja Cat knows a thing or two about kissing more!

The rapper and pop star, 27, was spotted out on Wednesday with the internet comedian J.Cyrus, 36, as they were photographed kissing on a yacht and getting cozy in Los Cabos, Mexico.

This wasn’t their first outing either, as the pair were seen in N.Y.C. in late May getting a bite to eat at Carbone — when Cyrus dressed down and nearly went incognito.

But for their latest outing, Doja and Cyrus weren’t shy about their affection for each other. As they wore matching orange fits, the pair smooched, stared off at sea, held hands, went out on a jet ski and more.

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During the yacht day, Doja wore an orange and pink bikini, a pair of heart hoop earrings, her blonde buzz, and pink sunglasses as she showed off her new back tattoo in all its glory.

Cyrus wore an orange hoodie, gold chain and short black swim trunks to complement her.

After taking in the view and enjoying each other’s company, the duo hopped on a black and blue jet ski — with Doja holding on to Cyrus’ back as he drove them across the water.

While this was certainly a major outing for the pair, it was not their first. About two weeks ago, Doja and Cyrus enjoyed a bite to eat in New York and went relatively under-the-radar.

Doja Cat wears a beige fur coat and red heels with matching handbag as leaving CARBONE in New York City


Outside of Carbone, Doja and Cyrus walked side-by-side exiting the restaurant. The “Woman” musician wore a massive and cozy beige coat, red heels, a matching bag, what appears to be a denim skirt, and kept her blonde hair going.

Cyrus opted to keep it a little more simple, wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, low Air Force 1s and a black cap.

Holding her arm while walking out of the location, the musician and comedian’s fit could’ve made him blend in as a bodyguard, but now it’s clear that’s not the case after the duo’s latest vacation shots.

Cyrus boasts nearly 60,000 YouTube subscribers, 700,000 TikTok followers, and a few other fans across social media platforms.

He previously earned notoriety on the defunct app Vine, as a finalist for the 8th Annual Shorty Awards thanks to clips that earned millions of loops at the time. He would freestyle rap with friends and partake in brief comedy skits during his years on Vine, much of which he still does today on TikTok.

Some of his newer clips include impersonations of rappers like Ludacris, and others where he comments on his day-to-day experiences.

As a musician, he last released material on Spotify in 2022, with Jayroc collab “still” in October and March single “kind of alone.” In 2017, he released a project called Sober.