Jason Kelce and Funko Pop unite to help a children’s hospital in Buffalo, NY

Fans who wanted the Jason Kelce Funko Pop spoke a collaboration into existence

Jason Kelce Funko Pop image

Right after the Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs game in New York, Jason Kelce was the absolute talk of the town duw to how well heblended in with the Bills Mafia. The most important moment of the entire game was when Travis Kelce scored a touch down and Jason stepped out of the booth with no shirt on in the winter cold. He came out to celebrate what his brother had accomplished and instantly became a viral sensation. One of the funniest moments came when thousands of fans flooded the Funko Pop mentions online with that image of Jason Kelce screaming at the wind without his shirt. They want a Jason Kelce Funko Pop toy.

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Shirtless Jason Kelce appears in unexpected places in viral New Heights video

Jason Kelce does it for a good cause

During Wednesday’s episode of the ‘New Heights’ podcast, Travis Kelce reminded Jason of this Funko Pop design and Jason broke the news. He has been talking to Funko Pop and together, they are making t-shirts with that design. However, Jason did mention it felt weird for him to profit out of selling anything Funko Pop related. So his idea is a lot better than him just profitting out of that. Funko Pop agreed that any collaboration between both sides would send parts of the proceeds to a children’s hospital in Buffalo. Based on this gesture, it’s impossible to hate on Jason Kelce. His brother Travis insists he wants Jason to someday be the President ofthe United States.

But so far, Jason Kelce and funko Pop have agreed to make t-shirts of this design that will earn charity for this hospital. However, both Jason Kelce and Funko Pop fans are not satisfied. Throughout the years, Jason Kelce has donned some great fits either during or after football games as a Philadelphia Eagles star. There are too many to choose from and people are convinced they would all make money. Take a look at some of the fits down below.