While Hugh Jackman made it big in Hollywood playing Wolverine, he would have been a part of these 10 films, including James Bond and Pirates of The Caribbean.

Hugh Jackman Won Wolverine Losing Iconic Roles Like Jack Sparrow, James Bond & 8 More

Hugh Jackman Won Wolverine Losing Iconic Roles Like Jack Sparrow, James Bond & 8 More (Photo Credit: IMDb)
Hugh Jackman needs no introduction. The actor is among the most beloved and biggest movie stars with an illustrious career. We all have known and loved him for bringing the mutant Wolverine, aka Logan, to the screens for a long time. While the actor found fame with the role, he also lost and passed on various others, including Daniel Craig’s James Bond and Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. Here’s the list of movies the actor did not become a part of.

Jackman began his journey with the Australian TV show Correlli in 1995. As he entered Hollywood, the actor got his big break with the 2000 flick X-Men.

Hugh Jackman lost his chance to play James Bond

While it is difficult to picture any other star playing the British spy, Jackman was also in line for the role. After making it big in Hollywood, the actor was offered to play the role but he reportedly declined and it went to Daniel Craig, which became the British star’s biggest break.

Jackman almost starred opposite Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is among the highest-paid Hollywood actresses and any actor would kill play a role opposite her. When Hugh Jackman auditioned for the film, Miss Congeniality, he became so nervous that he lost the part to Benjamin Bratt.

The X-Men star refused Taylor Swift’s Cats

As per various reports, the Australian actor was offered an unknown role in the 2019 film Cats, starring Taylor Swift. Due to his busy schedule, the actor refused the movie, which turned out to be a good decision noting that the flick was a box office disaster.

When Johnny Depp bagged the role Jackman was interested in

The Prestige star was reportedly interested in playing the iconic Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean. However, seeing Depp’s unmatchable stardom, the role went to him, and he indeed left a lasting impression on viewers with his portrayal of the pirate.

Jackman chose Van Helsing over The Phantom of the Opera

Hugh Jackman refused to do the romantic musical, The Phantom of the Opera, as he had already committed to star in Van Helsing. He declined Joel Schumacher’s offer, and the role went to Gerard Butler.

He passed on to star in Hairspray

Hugh Jackman refused another romance musical, the 2007 flick Hairspray, which featured an ensemble cast. The actor was allegedly chosen to play Corny Collins, but director Adam Shankman thought James Marsden would be a better fit for the role.

The Wolverine star thought he was too old to play Billy Flynn

Jackman rejected the lead role of Billy Flynn in the 2002 film Chicago. He allegedly thought he was too young to play the role, which later went to Richard Gere. The actor further revealed that he regretted passing on the opportunity as makeup could have fixed his age-related issue.

Pride and Glory was first offered to the X-Men star

Hugh Jackman and Mark Wahlberg were the first choice to play the lead duo in Pride and Glory. However, the production delays and New Line Cinema’s takeover led to the casting of Edward Norton and Colin Farrell for the movie.

Jackman could have been the voice of Pikachu

Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman, Danny DeVito and Dwayne Johnson were first considered to voice the role of our beloved Pokemon, Pikachu for the movie Pokemon Detective Pikachu. However, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds was ultimately finalised to voice the character.

Jackman declined a role that later went to Chris Hemsworth

As per Fandomwire, The Prisoners star, along with big names like Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy and more, was first considered to play the role of the huntsman in the 2012 fantasy drama Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart. The actor declined to play the character for unknown reasons, which later went to Thor star Chris Hemsworth.

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