Donna Kelce opens up on family in the spotlight as NFL brothers face off

Donna Kelce, mother of Travis and Jason Kelce, sat down with “Good Morning America’s” Will Reeve to discuss the Kelce family’s newfound fame ahead of her sons facing off in Kansas City on Monday Night Football this evening.

“I’m sure everybody’s tired of our family in some respects. But it’s really with joy that we’re able to do things together,” Donna Kelce said.

The spotlight on the football-famous family grew brighter this season while Travis Kelce spent time with global superstar Taylor Swift. The music superstar and the Kansas City tight end have been seen kissing at Swift’s concert, as well as exiting Kelce’s Chiefs games together, though the two have not confirmed their relationship status to the public.

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“I think the attention is just part of the whole thing,” said Donna Kelce.

Travis Kelce’s mother said she does not think too hard about her son’s relationship.

“As long as he can handle it, I don’t have any problems with it,” she said. “She’s a very nice person.”

Donna Kelce, mother of Jason and Travis Kelce, speaks on Good Morning America, Nov. 20, 2023.
ABC News

“Mama Kelce,” as she’s known, has also leaned into the family fame, securing sponsorship deals from brands such as Papa Johns. Her pizza chain deal includes a Philly cheesesteak pizza and barbecue chicken bacon pizza, a nod to the cuisine in each of her sons’ team cities.

Kylie Kelce, Jason’s wife, also spoke highly of the family in an interview with “Good Morning America” in Kansas City ahead of Monday’s game. Kylie, a former field hockey player and current coach, was hosting a field hockey clinic for children in Kansas City, hoping to grow excitement around her game in the area while in town for Monday night’s game.

She said competition is a large part of Kelce family tradition.

Kylie Kelce appears on “Good Morning America” on Nov. 20, 2023.
ABC News

“It is as fun as you think it is. It is ridiculous and constantly joking and having a good time. Always a competition,” Kylie Kelce said.

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Donna Kelce was in full team spirit, wearing her split Eagles-Chiefs jacket, which she wore to this year’s Super Bowl.

As for a repeat Super Bowl Kelce showdown, Donna Kelce said it would be welcomed but unexpected.

“That would be fun, but I swear, if it happened two years in a row, I would definitely play the lottery,” she joked.

Donna Kelce said her boys’ careers have far exceeded any and all expectations.

“This far surpasses anything I could have imagined,” she said.

“They have won the highest trophy in their sports. So they’ve pretty much reached the pinnacle,” she added.

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