There wasn’t supposed to be the brief n*ked scene of Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but here’s what had happened. Read!

When Hugh Jackman Admittingly Said "Yeah, I Went Commando" In An X-Men Movie, Stirred Up The Internet!

Hugh Jackman Once Admitted Going Commando In X-Men Movie Was Not There But He Improvised! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )
Hugh Jackman is one of the A-listers of Hollywood who is known for his acting skills, Australian goodness, and stout figure. He has always been brutally honest in his interviews, and once he admitted that he had improvised his scene in one of the X-Men movies where he had to be in boxers, but he chose to be n*ked. Yes, that’s right. Scroll ahead to get to the scoop.

Hugh has been a part of many prestigious projects but earned a lot of appreciation for his roles, and one of them will always be him portraying Wolverine’s character.

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Hugh Jackman was supposed to wake up in 1973 in his boxers, but he opposed the idea and made the makers show him n*ked.

When he appeared on the Kelly & Michael Show, Hugh Jackman admitted that it was his idea to go n*de for the brief scene; he said, “I land back in 1973, this is what the script says, I wake up next to a girl who I don’t remember and I get out of bed wearing boxer shorts. I was like I don’t know about America but in Australia if you’re next to a really good looking girl you’re not getting out with boxer shorts on or briefs or anything. So yeah, I went commando.”

He further recalled how the makers made him wear a green sock for their editing process, but it made him feel uncomfortable, and by the end of the first take, the hose was nowhere to be seen.

For the unversed, Hugh Jackman will be seen again donning Wolverine’s character in Deadpool 3 along with Ryan Reynolds and while we cannot wait to see the duo together, it seems we have to as the Hollywood Strike is still going on.

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