Cardi B Adopts a New Monroe Piercing and Bids Farewell to Her Tongue Ring

What initially seemed like makeup turns out to be a genuine lip stud.

Earlier this October, we assumed that Cardi B was sporting a faux lip piercing while attending Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour. However, as she continued to flaunt it repeatedly, it became evident that the piercing is indeed real. Cardi is now shedding light on why she removed her tongue ring while simultaneously revealing her fresh lip piercing.

On October 16, through her Instagram Stories, Cardi disclosed to her fans that she had to part ways with her tongue ring due to an unfortunate accident – a painful bite that left her tongue bloodied. In the video, she can be seen relaxing in bed with a bonnet on her head and a full face of makeup. “I had to take it off because I think I bit it and it, fucking fucked up a blood vessel,” she explains while showing the camera her discolored tongue. “The tip is purple. So yeah, I’m traumatized.”

While her tongue ring is noticeably absent, her new lip piercing takes center stage. There are various types of lip piercings, and Cardi specifically opted for a Monroe piercing, a stud situated just above the side of one lip (the name’s origin is quite self-explanatory).

This fresh lip piercing joins Cardi’s growing collection of body jewelry. In addition to her tongue and lip piercings, she sports several in her ears, one in her belly button, and even had an eyebrow piercing. She first unveiled her brow piercing during the Paris Fashion Week spring/summer 2022 season in 2021 but eventually removed it.

While it seems unlikely that Cardi B will part with her new lip piercing any time soon, her eyebrow ring’s short-lived presence makes us wonder if her latest addition will follow suit.