Cardi B may be done talking about Nicki Minaj, but she’s not done laughing at their past (possibly on-going) issues.

While at a red carpet event on Friday (April 12), the “Please Me” rapper was asked about her fellow New York-born MC, and Cardi responded in the most Cardi way.

“Is there ever a chance that you and Nicki would make up and perform together,” Variety reporter Marc Malkin asked the 26-year-old rapper, who at first looked a little surprised by the question. However, after an awkward pause, and awkward “Okurrr” on Marc’s part, Cardi gave a prolonged, and kind of weird, giggle.

“I love your laugh,” Marc said as she continued to cackle.

As fans know, it’s been quite a while since there’s been talk of Cardi and Nicki’s past drama. Following the fallout from their physical altercation at Harper Bazaar’s New York Fashion Week party in September, the two took a number of shots at each other online and in the press. But after the rappers took their issues to social media in one of the most intense Instagram-Twitter face-offs ever — it included a nine-part Instagram rant and endless bashing tweets — the ladies ultimately squashed their beef, or at least took it out of the public, weeks after it all began.

Last month, a few of Nicki’s French fans used her sore relationship with Cardi as a way to get back at Nicki following a canceled show. French fans were not too happy with their Queen after she called off her concert in Bordeaux, France at the very last minute due to “technical issues.”

A group of rogue fans didn’t let her off the hook for the last minute cancellation, which was announced after fans were already at the venue. Instead of just leaving the arena once someone informed them of the concert’s cancellation, the fans began to chant Cardi’s name over and over again.