(xt) [Video] The Rock reflects on gifting popular UFC star a house

The Rock is a member of the Bloodline The Rock is a member of the Bloodline

WWE Superstar The Rock recently heaped praise on UFC star Themba Gorimbo while reacting to an old video featuring the two.

The People’s Champion is among the greatest wrestlers in WWE history and a well-known name in the MMA world due to his association with UFC. He recently joined his cousins in The Bloodline, as he officially joined the faction on the February 16, 2024, episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Last year, The Great One made headlines when he gifted a house to popular UFC star Themba Gorimbo after the latter shared on social media that he only had seven dollars in his bank account.

A Twitter handle recently uploaded the wholesome throwback video of The Rock gifting a house to Gormibo. The post drew a reaction from the Hollywood megastar, as he highlighted that the UFC star was a great human and an inspirational figure:

“This man @TheAnswerMMA is a very special human being. Themba is committed to three things: His family, his village and people in Africa, and becoming world champion in the @ufc. What an inspiration he is. Rooting for him all the way,” The Rock tweeted.

Check out The Rock’s tweet and the throwback video below:

WWE veteran Matt Morgan shared his honest opinion on The Rock’s character change

The Rock recently turned heel when he slapped Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL Kickoff and joined hands with his cousin, Roman Reigns.

On The Gigantic Pop podcast, Matt Morgan mentioned that The Brahma Bull’s gimmick change reminded him of Chris Jericho’s heel turn in WWE. He also discussed the possibility of the Hollywood megastar aligning with Cody Rhodes and betraying The Tribal Chief.

“So he always has to be a babyface. That’s what I’m worried about. That’s the case. I’m worried he’s gonna do what you’re saying and do something to help Cody win, [and] turn on Roman, and that sets up Roman and him for next year or a different pay-per-view. I don’t know.”

Morgan further mentioned how The Great One could draw actual heat from fans:

“I’d rather [have] him stay heel though because he has an opportunity to change as Jericho did many, many years ago. And he came back, wore a suit and tie, cut his hair shorter, and was very monotone with his promos, very condescending but also very monotone. And it was so flipping annoying. He had so much heat from it. [The] Rock, no way he’s gonna get true heat if he shuts down his own [family].” [16:34 -17:13]

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