(xt) Cody Rhodes to be removed and replaced from his match against Roman Reigns due to injury? Exploring the chances

Cody Rhodes won the 2023 and 2024 Royal RumblesCody Rhodes won the 2023 and 2024 Royal Rumble matches

Cody Rhodes won the 2024 Royal Rumble Match and chose to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. The American Nightmare locked horns with The Tribal Chief last year at ‘Mania as well but came up short. He almost relinquished his opportunity to face Reigns this year by giving his opportunity to The Rock.

Fans eventually forced Rhodes to choose Reigns as his opponent at The Show of Shows. The Rock has seemingly joined The Bloodline and is now standing next to The Tribal Chief instead of against him. Per Dave Meltzer, Triple H originally planned to have The Bloodline injure Rhodes, leading to The Rock vs. Roman Reigns.

”The Levesque idea was said to be to shoot an injury angle where The Bloodline would take out Rhodes on the 2/2 show in Birmingham. This would lead to the official announcement of Reigns vs.

Rock at the press conference in Las Vegas. In the end, Rhodes would return, and he should win the title.”It is possible that the company has not given up on the plan.

Considering that The Rock has expressed his desire to face Reigns at WrestleMania 40, Cody Rhodes might get brutally attacked by The Bloodline on this week’s episode of SmackDown or in the coming weeks.

If the Samoan faction assaults The American Nightmare, he could be declared unfit to compete at WrestleMania. The Great One could replace Rhodes in the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match at The Show of Shows. Rocky vs. Reigns is a money match, and the company might be looking to book it for the main event of night two.


Bully Ray is unhappy with Cody Rhodes’ promo on RAW

On this week’s RAW in San Jose, California, The American Nightmare emerged victorious over Grayson Waller.

Following the match, Paul Heyman entered the ring with three individuals purported to be ‘suspended NYPD police officers,’ aiming to persuade Rhodes to retract his challenge to The Rock.

During a recent episode of Busted Open,

“I wanted Cody Rhodes to step right towards Heyman and put the edge of that chair right up against Heyman’s head. Like the barrel of a gun to the side of somebody’s head, right up against Heyman’s temple. And say, ‘With all due respect, Mr. Heyman, and as my father as my witness, who had a lot of respect for you because you did so much for him.”

Cody Rhodes has been announced to appear on SmackDown this week. He challenged The Rock to a one-on-one match and said he wanted an answer on the blue brand.

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