(X) Kevin Hart BREAKS DOWN As Katt Williams Exposes Kevin’s Dark Secrets

In 15 years in Hollywood, no one in Hollywood has a memory of going to a sold-out Kevin Hart show. They’re being aligned for him ever getting a standing ovation at any Comedy Club. He already had his deals when he got here.

Have we heard of a comedian that came to LA and in his first year in LA, he had his own sitcom on network television and had his own movie called “Soul Plane” that he was leading? No, we’ve never heard of that before, that person or since that person.

“What do you think a plant is?” Uh, I said it, and this sums it up well. Like, you don’t entertain the circus, you watch it, right? And when a lion comes out and rides the bike, you don’t think about it too hard, you just go, “Okay, that’s crazy, a lion’s riding a bike,” and then you go home and enjoy the rest of your day.

Uh, I don’t feed into the stuff at all. At the end of the day, it’s all entertainment to a certain degree, so you just hope that people can be smart enough and have a tremendous amount of logic to just go and possibly do research.

Folks, it’s time to dive into the NeverEnding drama between Cat Williams and Kevin Hart. So, Cat recently made a pit stop on Shannon Sharp’s Club Shay podcast, and let me tell you, he let it all hang out. This episode was almost 3 hours long, and Cat was on fire.

He didn’t hold back one bit, throwing shade at Steve Harvey, Michael Blackson, Ricky Smiley, and Cedric the Entertainer. But, you know Cat couldn’t resist taking a shot at Kevin Hart. He basically called him an industry plant and said he lied about how he got his start in the comedy game. These two have been going at it for years, trading punches online and in interviews. It’s like a never-ending soap opera of celebrity beef.

Alright, let’s get into the juicy history between Kevin Hart and Cat Williams. These two comedy heavyweights have been at it for nearly a decade, and it’s time to spill the beans on their beef. From Cat’s controversial comments all over the place to Kevin’s measured comebacks, the comedy scene has been a battleground for their ongoing feud. So, picture this: Cat Williams wasn’t holding anything back when he decided to throw some shade.

He didn’t just stop at Kevin Hart, he also took a jab at athletes like Shaquille O’Neal trying their hand at comedy. This feud was already sizzling back in August 2014. “I think that Shaq and Russell Simmons should get out of comedy and stay in their lane.

They don’t see us making a league of professional basketball players under six foot. So, what qualifies these dudes? ‘Cause they got $100 million to come over in comedy and do Shaq’s All-Star? Get out of here, you bum. That’s right, before I take the rest of your girls like you took Kevin Hart for me, I want my back, you undercut me.”

It’s like a never-ending saga of comedy clashes that’s been keeping the entertainment world buzzing for years. Now, let’s rewind to February 2016 when things were heating up between Cat Williams and Kevin Hart.

During his conspiracy theory tour stop at Atlanta’s Phillips Arena, Cat didn’t hold back. He straight-up called Kevin Hart a puppet, and this made headlines as reported by Vibe. Cat was adamant that he had earned his stripes in the comedy game and wasn’t afraid to take a swipe at Hart. He even said, “If Hart’s a puppet, that ain’t his fault.” Cat told people not to hate on a fellow black man out there hustling, even if he wasn’t everyone’s favorite flavor.

He didn’t stop there though. Cat compared himself to other black comedians and emphasized that just because some folks might think he’s the best, it doesn’t mean he’s dissing the others. He gave an analogy saying, “It’s like getting mad at Kermit the Frog when you should really be directing that anger at Jim Henson, or it’s like saying, ‘Forget Donald Duck’ when it’s really Walt Disney you should be upset with.”

Cat had a way with words, no doubt about it. “I’ve already proven that if the best they got in comedy is Kevin Hart, don’t you boo a black man working hard, baby, even if that man is a puppet. It’s not his fault. We don’t get mad just because I’m better than some black dudes.

Doesn’t mean I’m better than no black dudes. I’m saying if you want to be mad at Kermit the Frog, don’t be mad at Kermit the Frog, be mad at Jim Henson. Don’t say, ‘F Donald Duck’ when you really mean, ‘F Walt Disney.'”

Here’s the lowdown on how Kevin Hart reacted to all of this. He didn’t go full-on attack mode, but he had a more subtle response on Instagram. He shared a pic from the 2016 Academy Awards where he was chilling with comedy heavyweights Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.

In his post, he talked about how comedians should stick together and have each other’s backs. He emphasized the shared grind it takes to reach the level of success that only a few comedians ever achieve. So, amidst all the drama, this was Kevin Hart’s way of reminding everyone that comedians got to support each other, even when there’s some feud brewing in the background.

“Me and Dave Chappelle with our brother Chris Rock tonight at the Oscars. True professionals understand the importance of sticking together and supporting one another. At the end of the day, we are comedians, and there aren’t many that make it to the level that we have made it.

But so many doors are open from the success of one comedian, and when you see those doors open, you then have the opportunity to walk through them. It’s about helping one another, not trying to tear each other down. The insecure ones will never understand that support and encouragement.”

Now let’s take it back to 2016 when Cat Williams turned up the heat in his never-ending feud with Kevin Hart. This time, he took it to the next level, setting the stage for his conspiracy tour show in Philly on March 5th.

Cat had a plan, and it was all about stirring up some drama right in Hart’s hometown. He threw down a hefty challenge, daring The Ride Along star to a $5 million dollar bet. In his own words, he said, “I’ve seen your stuff on social media, boy. Boy, I know you. What you do. But you do it for play-play. If you do it for real, here it is, Kevin. I got a show at your hometown in Philly.

I’m going to take my special there on that stage. We can put whatever you want. A full-court basketball court, a boxing ring, two microphones for a rap cipher, or you can get your in comedy on that stage. But it’s $1 million up for each one. That’s $5 million, mister 28 million in cat didn’t hold back, laying out the challenge options: a full-court basketball game, a boxing match, a rap cipher with two mics, or the big one, a comedy face-off right

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