SPOILER: Bonney used the “distorted future” techinque by imagining herself to be NIKA and defeat Alpha

One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1101 is titled “Dear Bonney”. On the cover page, we see Vegapunk with his 6 clones and Vegaforce-01. Vegapunk is in the middle of the page, to his right Lilith and Pythagoras, to his left Atlas and Edison. In the background we can see York’s face (right side), Shaka’s face (left side), and Vegaforce-01 (center).

The chapter starts with Kuma’s flashback inside the flashback. Kuma remembered one of his trips with the Revolutionary Army in Goa Kingdom. Kuma mentioned that he noticed how Dragon seemed to know a lot about the country. He said too that Dragon visited a village outside of the country to observe a certain boy.

Dragon: “Keep talking if you wanna die.”

Kuma: “Why?”

Dragon: “A child… is the parents’ weakness.”

Kuma said he understands and he won’t look into that anymore.

Cut to the normal flashback, where last chapter ended. Kuma entered at Mt. Colubo and observed Luffy (he was 16 years old). Luffy was practicing in secret his attack “Gomu Gomu no Ono” (Gum-Gum Battle Axe, the same attack he used to defeat Arlong).

Suddenly, Kuma got a call from the World Government. Luffy heard the sound and sensed a chilling presence nearby but when he looked, Kuma was gone.

Luffy: “Umm… There must be some really strong animal in this forest that I have yet to defeat!!”

Kuma left Dawn Island to fulfill World Government’s order. We can see Kuma helping a merchant ship that was attacked by pirates and making them surrender.

During the entire chapter we have narrations from Kuma’s letters to Bonney. Letters talked about how Kuma loved Bonney, he also explained to her that he saw so many beautiful and amazing islands where they will travel to together in the future.

However, cutting back to Sorbet Kingdom, we see that all of Kuma’s letters were intercepted and destroyed by Alpha. Bonney was waiting for Kuma’s letters everyday but they never arrived.

Bonney never revealed her “Toshi Toshi no Mi” powers to Alpha and medical team. Conney instructed Bonney to keep her powers in secret.

Conney: “A smart hawk must always hide its claws!!”

Kuma visited Vegapunk’s laboratory, we see him meeting Stussy’s clone.

Stussy’s clone: “I wonder who is more unfortunate: a human with no consciousness or a clone with consciousness… ”

Vegapunk: “Enough, Stussy! I told you that you are a human!!”

Vegapunk (that already had his “apple—head”) explained that once the modification is completed, Kuma won’t have any memories or emotion left. However, Vegapunk will keep Kuma’s consciousness up until the very last minute. One year remains until the surgery is completed.

We see Kuma helping the Revolutionary Army from time to time. But now he is completely silent, never talking to them at all. Dragon and his other friends knew there must be a reason behind Kuma’s behaviour.

Back to Sorbet Kingdom. Bonney celebrated her 9th birthday, but Kuma’s letters still haven’t arrived. Then 1 year passed since Bonney’s surgery ended, so Bonney was 100% completely healed now. However Alpha won’t let Bonney get out until her 10th birthday.

Conney got information from a local town bar. One member of the medical team seemed to let slip that Alpha and other medical team members were World Government agents. Conney and people from Sorbet Kingdom realized that the situation was very unusual, so they planned Bonney’s escape.

The strongest fisherman from Sorbet Kingdom (Gyogyo, Totsu, and Poteto) will take Bonney to sea and help her find Kuma. They remodeled a fisherman ship into a pirate ship and decorated it to look like pizza for Bonney (it’s similar to “Jewelry Margherita” but I think it’s not the same).

Conney and Bonney switched clothes and Bonney stepped outside for the first time. Bonney got past the guards and reached the ship. However, Alpha realized she was Bonney and chased after her using “Geppou”.

Alpha: “In case you try to escape, I’m allowed to beat up and restraint you!!”

At the end of the chapter, Bonney (in child form) recalled one day when she asked Kuma what Nika looks like.

Kuma. “I’m not really sure… All I know is that his body has rubbery quality, and he can fight any way he wants!!”

Bonney then uses her attack “Distortion Future”.

Bonney: “”Distortion Future”!! The future that I become like Nika!!!”

In an epic final spread, Bonney punched Alpha with a giant punch like Luffy’s Gear 3. Then Bonney escaped from Sorbet Kingdom.

Narration: “The World Government immediately becomes aware of the “hostage” Bonney’s escape. Then her fisherman ship that sails out to find her father, soon turns into a pirate ship of the new era, rivaling Luffy and the other pirates from that generation.”


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