One Piece Chapter 1100 Full Summary

One Piece Chapter 1100 is titled “Thank you, Bonney”. On the cover page: Usopp is looking at Sanji while he’s chopping some vegetables. Usopp remembers Ninjin, Piman and Tamanegi while he’s looking at vegetables.

The chapter starts where last one ended. Kizaru visited Vegapunk’s laboratory, some Marines (like Drake) were following him. It’s explained that Vegapunk just moved into the building after the “accident” in Punk Hazard, so he didn’t realize there were spy Den Den Mushi inside the lab.

Kizaru brought Saturn’s Den Den Mushi because he wanted to talk with Vegapunk. Saturn said he’s aware of Vegapunk’s illegally negotiating with a pirate. However, as Kuma would make an excellent host for clones, Saturn will allow the deal. But Saturn had 3 additional conditions to the deal.

– Kuma must become a Shichibukai, replacing an unnamed Shichibukai who was defeated by Ace a few days ago.

– Kuma must become a human weapon, undergoing a cyborg surgery.

– Kuma’s mind must be erased when his surgery ends.

Vegapunk was furious since wiping a cyborg’s mind is the same as killing a man. Saturn reply him categorically.

Saturn: “You are in no position to argue with me, “Marine scientist”.”

However, Kuma cried in happiness because he finally would be able to save Bonney. Vegapunk explained that Bonney’s surgery will take 6 months, and after that she must rest for 1 year before she can go outside. On the other hand, Kuma’s surgery will take 2 years.

Saturn said Bonney will be their hostage. If Bonney is cured there’s a risk that Kuma may run away with her, so after her 6-month treatment Bonney must be in World Government custody for 1 year. The World Government will release Bonney after Vegapunk erases Kuma’s mind. And to prevent them from running away together, Kuma won’t be allowed to meet Bonney never again after her 6-month treatment.

Kuma agreed to Saturn’s conditions but in exchange he asked to send Bonney at Sorbet Kingdom after the 6-month treatment to prevent her from knowing the truth about this deal. Saturn agreed, since as long as they are under the World Government’s eyes, anywhere is the same.

After the deal, we see a montage of Kuma, Bonney, Vegapunk and Sentoumaru spending time together and growing closer to one another during next 6 months. Kizaru is also very close to them, we see him joining a pizza party and dancing with them (Note: they do the Nika dance). We can see Bonney and Kuma surgery too (for example, we see Vegapunk changing Kuma’s shoulders).

After 6 months Bonney’s surgery ended, so she was brought back to Sorbet Kingdom, where Conney and others welcome her (Conney had a white hat, which looked the same as the hat Bonney wore at Sabaody). Bonney will live in the church for another year under medical team’s care. But the medical team were all Government agents, their leader was a CP8 agent named “Alpha” (she’s a sexy nurse).

Kuma said goodbye to Bonney with his last words to her. Bonney just laugh since she didn’t know she will never see Kuma again…

Kuma: “Thank you for being born, Bonney.”

Kuma then went out to sea to do his duty as a new Shichibukai. We can see another montage with all former Shichibukai’s reactions to the news (Alvida, Koby, Dragon, Sabo, and Koala appear too).

Doflamingo: “Kuma the “Tyrant”?! Looks like we have another villain in the line! Fufufufu!!!”

Miss All Sunday: “Are you interested?”

Crocodile: “It doesn’t matter… Did you get rid of the guy who saw the “artificial rain ship”?”

Alvida: “Supposedly, he’s a man close in size to that Whitebeard! Koby, who do you think is stronger!? Me or him!!?”

Koby: “O-of course it’s you!! Lady Alvida!! Ehehehe.”

In Whitebeard’s ship, Ace and Jinbe are talking about Kuma with Whitebeard, Marco and Teach.

Ace: “Jinbe!! A successor has been chosen!! Great!”

Jinbe: “You’re the one to talk…!! Ace. I’m reading it right now. A former king…!! We have also a current king among us too… Pirate world sure has changed.”

Hancock: “This has nothing to do with me!! Since I will never participate in the meeting!!”

Gloriosa: “Snake Princess wait!! Even if so you should still have the knowledge of it!!”

Moria: “Kishishishishi~~~!! A “paw human”!? What the hell kind of power is that!?”

Dragon: “…”

Additional spoiler: Mihawk is shown reading about Kuma in the newspaper

After this montage, we can see that Kuma is writting a letter to Bonney where he said that he’s exploring many islands they can travel together one day in the future.

In the last page of the chapter we can see a teenager Luffy running away from a tiger in a forest.

Luffy: “Shishishi!! It’s mad now!!”

In the last panel, we can see that Kuma’s ship was arriving at Foosha Village. Kuma received a Den Den Mushi call.

Government agent: “Bartholomew Kuma, we have an order from the Government for you. Where are you right now?”

Kuma: “In the “East Blue”… What’s the order?”


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