Kanye West Destroys Kim Kardashian For Desperately Hating on Bianca’s Pregnancy…FULL VIDEO BELOW

Kanye West Destroys Kim Kardashian For Desperately Hating on Bianca’s Pregnancy…FULL VIDEO BELOW

Ever since the news about Kanye being married to another woman started going around, Kim has been losing her mind. And now with the news of Kanye’s new wife, Bianca Censori being pregnant, Kim can’t take it anymore.

But Kanye is also at his limit with his ex-wife and finally decided to bash her for constantly spreading hate and negativity about his new wife and their upcoming child. It’s pretty obvious that Kim can’t stand the thought of another child having the West name, and she has tried everything in her power to avoid that from happening.

But now that it’s becoming a reality, she’s starting to go to extreme lengths to make this go wrong for Kanye and Bianca, and Kanye is NOT having it. You’re watching Celebrity Circle and today, we’re going to be talking about how Kanye DESTROYED Kim for desperately hating on his pregnant wife Bianca Censori.

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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Look Tense At Son’s Soccer Game As His Wife Is Reportedly Pregnant

Kim and Kanye were awkward during a recent run-in, while some fans are convinced Bianca Censori has been hiding a baby bump.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Via Splash Photos


Following reports that Kim Kardashian is weirded out by Kanye West’s marriage to Bianca Censori, the exes were photographed having a tense moment at their son Saint’s basketball game.

The co-parents were seen interacting with each other on the sidelines along with their 6-year-old daughter Chicago. At one point, Kim and Kanye were seated in the same row in the crowd but kept two chairs between them. They appeared to share a few glances at each other, but kept their eyes on their phones when their son’s team wasn’t on the court.

Kim And Kanye Seemed To Share A Tense Moment

Kim Kardashian with Psalm and Saint Via Splash Images

It wasn’t only the physical space that seems to signal things are tense between the exes. Photographers caught them sharing a moment of conversation, but it didn’t look exactly friendly.

Kim and Kanye have been relatively quiet about their co-parenting dynamic in the last year, ever since he tied the knot to Bianca Censori, a former Yeezy employee, in December 2022, only a month after finalizing his divorce from Kim.

Kim and Bianca have gotten a lot of comparisons, largely for their similar looks. Bianca shares Kim’s curvy physique and long, dark hair, and Kanye has become known for styling Bianca’s outfits, as he used to do for Kim during their relationship.

Kim Is Bothered By Kanye And Bianca’s Relationship

Kanye West, seen here, exiting hotel, is facing new troubles in house salevia: Instar

However, there have been reports that Kim is bothered by Kanye and Bianca, especially since Ye appears to insist on dressing his wife in provocative outfits (which almost got them fined in Italy), whereas he seemed to want Kim to dress more reserved, especially after they had kids.

“Everyone wants Kim to be appalled that Bianca is dressing like her and copying her style, but it is not the case,” a source told Daily Mail. “Kim actually does think that Bianca looks like her. What Kim does find slightly odd is that the whole time she was with Kanye, he was all about her covering up. He wanted her to not show any skin and tone down her sex appeal.”

The insider went on, “Kanye is now doing the opposite for Bianca and he wants her to wear nothing and ramp up her sex appeal.”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Before his divorce from Kim Kardashian, Kanye West was a part of the “Billionaires Club,” but his net worth has plummeted in recent years.

Nevertheless, the same report said that Kim appreciates the relationship Bianca has with her and Kanye’s four children. “Bianca treats their kids very well and the kids seem to have much love for her,” the source added. “This is what is most important to Kim. At the end of the day, Kanye is happy and is not interfering in Kim’s life.”

While Kim has said he’s done having kid, Kanye may not be done adding to his brood. There’s been recent speculation that Bianca may be pregnant. She’s been photographed in oversized outfits that don’t show a lot of skin, which is uncharacteristic for her, leading some to believe she’s hiding a baby bump. For now, Bianca and Kanye haven’t responded to the speculation.


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