“Imagine seeing Cardi B at TARGET.”

Cardi B in a leopard print outfit. Right: Cardi B and her daughter at Target.

Every once in a while, our fave celebrities remove the facade of glamour to living as we, “regular” people, do.

Following suit on Lizzo’s recent jury duty appearance, Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B posted a TikTok yesterday of a “regular day” in her life as a “regular person” named Belcalis, which gave fans a fun glimpse into her relatable mom life with two kids.

In the clip, which has gained 1.2 million views, Cardi reveals it was spring break, so she had to take on “all the duties” for her two children Kulture, 4, and Wave, 1, without the usual help.

“Getting ready before my kids notice I’m up because, boom, once they notice I’m up, they won’t leave me alone,” the music artist says in her viral post.

The rest of her day included making lunch, working out a few hours at the gym, a shopping trip to Target — which fans freaked out about — and spending all the quality time she could with her babies before she went to the studio.

“I’m going to Target to buy a massage gun and buying some toys for my kids because they behave so good, [Kulture] behaved so good when I was in the gym,” Cardi notes in the post.

Fans seem most appalled at the rapper’s Target run, leaving comments about the potential of seeing her there. Who doesn’t love a shopping spree at the retail giant?

A part of the comment section on Cardi B's TikTok.

A part of the comment section on Cardi B’s TikTok.iamcardib | TikTok

“Imagine casually seeing Cardi at Target,” someone commented.

The fans are just loving this type of content from Cardi and getting to see what the rapper does during her normal days when she isn’t performing or recording.

“I love spending the day with Belcalis and her kids, ” a user wrote, receiving 62.2K likes.