Cardi B says her house is being haunted by a ghost that is more freaky than spooky.

In a recent Instagram Live stream, the “Bongos” rapper revealed to her fans that a spicy spirit has been tormenting her at the Los Angeles home she shares with her husband Offset. Cardi first recalled the haunting sounds of a phantom fly after she took a shower and laid on her bed.

“I start hearing a [buzzing sound] like a fly sound right,” Cardi said. “Bro, I haven’t been able to find the f–kin’ fly. I told my driver to go get, a f—king, one of those things you kill the fly with. The [fly swatter noise], whatever spatula s—ts to kill the fly. I don’t hear, I don’t see the f—kin’ fly nowhere. I bought the spray, everything, I don’t hear the fly anywhere.”

Cardi B says that her house is haunted, and the ghost wants to have sex with her.

Cardi B says that her house is haunted, and the ghost wants to have sex with her. (photo: @iamcardib/Instagram)

The New York rapper said that was only the beginning. “I call my security guard to tell the other security guard that’s outside to come in my house to hear the sound. B—h tell me how the sound is gone? It’s gone outta nowhere,” she said.

Cardi believes there was only one reason for the noises. “All I’m saying is, that there’s a f—king ghost or a spirit in this f—king house.”

Cardi continued, “And what I don’t like about it is that the ghost be f—kin’ with me. Because when Offset is in this house it never, nothing ever happens, but when I’m alone it always wanna f–k with me. Mind you when I be in the house in Atlanta or in New York there’s nothing, but this house in LA is always some weird vibe when I’m here.”

Then the rapper said the wildest thing possible about her haunting experience. “At this point I feel like if I go to sleep, the f—king ghost is gonna finger pop me.”

She continued, “Because b—h the n—a wants me. He wants me. Like I kid you not, I’m not even in my main bedroom … I’m in like the guest bedroom because first of all the sound in the hallway, as soon as the security come in, the sound is gone. But I could still hear the fly; he can’t even find the fly. All I can hear is [buzzing noise] in the bedroom so now I’m just in the guest bedroom and I’m just so disoriented because I’m so alone in this house with this f—king ghost that clearly wants to f—k me because he only comes around when I’m here by myself.”

Cardi B is fed up with the so-called flirtatious phantom, and says she was thinking of leaving the house. “I’m just gonna call my security guard to put me in a f—king hotel,” Cardi said, “’Cause I just can’t f—king take it anymore b—h. I’m f—king over it.”

Fans made jokes about Cardi’s campfire story, and questioned what the disturbance could really be.

“It’s the same ghost from Scary Movie.”

“Those ain’t ghost baby them demons.”


This isn’t the first time the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has discussed seeing ghosts in her SoCal home. Earlier this year, Cardi appeared on BigBoyTV, where she talked about it. She told Big Goy that there was “definitely” a ghost in her house. Cardi said she was so scared that she made one of her security guards sleep on the couch to keep her safe.