JULIA Fox has spoken out about her intimate relationship with her ex-boyfriend Kanye West.

The 33-year-old is releasing a tell-all memoir on October 10 called Down the Drain.

Julia Fox is releasing a new tell-all memoir on October 10

Julia Fox is releasing a new tell-all memoir on October 10Credit: Getty

In her book, she talks about her relationship with Kanye West

In her book, she talks about her relationship with Kanye WestCredit: Getty
Julia spoke with the New York Times about the contents of her book as well as the role Kanye, 46, plays in it.

She revealed: “I had to censor a few things and obviously left out a bunch of stuff.”

The author changed most of the names in the book, but some of the pseudonyms are obvious.

For instance, the Uncut Gems star spoke about her relationship with “the artist,” who is Kanye.

Her retelling of the relationship talks about “the artist” and how he directed their relationship for the benefit of the public eye.

Julia’s love affair with the rapper only lasted for a few weeks before they broke up in February 2022.

Although the model describes several sexual relationships in her book, she does not describe having sex with Kanye.

She said: “Because there, like, wasn’t any. It wasn’t really about that.”


Bianca Censori, 28, has been dubbed the Kanye Whisperer by the erratic rapper’s team because she is the only one who can talk to him.

A source close to the couple exclusively told The U.S. Sun that the star’s wife- whom he married in an unofficial ceremony in January- has become his communications liaison.

One insider said: “People in his circle started calling her the Kanye West Whisperer, she’s the only one who understands how to talk to him without turning him off.”

Another source said: “You have to learn how to speak Kanye’s language.

“He’s a very different kind of guy, and he wants everything streamlined because he can’t always talk on the phone- but that’s just not how the world works sometimes.”

The first insider added that people often reach out to Bianca first to restructure their communication to Kanye’s liking.

They said: “People who work with him would ask Bianca if she could ‘Ye translate’ important things, and then they’d turn around and copy and paste the Bianca edited version to him.”


Bianca Censori as Kanye’s personal assistant, even though she’s an accomplished architect and designer, The U.S. Sun has learned.

A source close to the couple exclusively told The U.S. Sun that Bianca’s talents as an architect and designer are being wasted because the rapper has relegated her to a personal assistant role.

The source said: “Bianca originally took the helm of several of Ye’s real estate projects and helped him spearhead his design ideas.

“She’s a brilliant architect and a designer, but she also happens to be really good at communicating with Kanye.

“She’s been helping him communicate with people who are working with him on various projects, so she’s been relegated to more of a personal assistant role.”

They continued: “Bianca is a brilliant woman. Really just brilliant. She went to school to be a designer and an architect but she ended up being more of a personal assistant for a lot of Ye’s affairs.”

Julia tried to hide Kanye's identity by calling him 'the artist'

Julia tried to hide Kanye’s identity by calling him ‘the artist’Credit: Getty

Julia revealed that she didn't have sex with Kanye while they were dating

Julia revealed that she didn’t have sex with Kanye while they were datingCredit: Getty

Kanye is newly married to 28-year-old Bianca Censori

Kanye is newly married to 28-year-old Bianca CensoriCredit: Getty Images – Getty