Covering up Jennifer Lopez’s curvy figure was no small feat, but Casper Smart proved to be a true gentleman as he held up a big, white towel to shield her as she emerged from the pool in Miami. The singer and actress didn’t seem concerned about modesty and gleefully displayed her assets while playing with her twins Max and Emme at the hotel pool.

Feeling shy? Casper helped the singer cover up away from prying eyes

Quite a feat! Casper Smart showed off his chivalrous side by shielding Jennifer Lopez’s curvy derriere while they were on their holiday in Miami.

Doing his best: The towel got wet in the pool, but Casper managed to cover up J Lo

Despite the damp towel from the pool, Casper successfully shielded J Lo. He did his best to protect her.

Just the two of us: Jennifer later joined boyfriend Casper Smart in the pool for another dip

Jennifer and her boyfriend Casper Smart enjoyed a refreshing dip in the pool together. Throughout her vacation, Jennifer has been spotted wearing various colorful outfits by the pool. Despite this, the singer still managed to stun in her ʙικιɴι, which showcased her gorgeous curves. Featuring an asymmetrical strap around the shoulder and a semi-strapless design, the two-piece outfit perfectly highlighted her toned abs and thighs.

Bathing beauty: Jennifer Lopez showed off her sensational curves in a black ʙικιɴι today as she took her twins Max and Emme to the pool at their Miami H๏τel

Jennifer Lopez flaunted her stunning physique while sporting a black bikini as she brought her twins Max and Emme to their Miami hotel’s pool. The gorgeous Latina star pulled her hair back in a bun for a refreshing swim with her kids, letting loose and having fun in the water. She wore gold-rimmed sunglasses with a vintage feel, along with oversized hoop earrings and a Hermes cuff in gold to accessorize her look. Before taking a dip, JLo arrived at the pool in a retro-inspired kaftan and stylish black wedges with zig-zag detailing on the heel.

Super toned: The semi-strapless two-piece attire effortlessly displayed her sculpted abs and toned thighs

Looking incredibly fit, she rocked a semi-strapless two-piece outfit that showed off her chiseled abs and toned thighs with ease.

Hand in hand: Jennifer held Emme's hand as they made their way in the water slowly

Jennifer and Emme strolled through the water, hand in hand, taking their time. Jennifer’s boyfriend Casper Smart came over for a swim too, and they appeared to cherish some time alone as they waded side by side. It appears that their relationship may be getting more serious, as they began dating after Jennifer’s separation from Marc Anthony. In an interview, the Dance Again singer revealed that she is eager to have children once more and is excited about the prospect of having a large family one day.

Low-key: The Latino beauty slicked her hair back in a bun to enjoy the refreshing dip, but was not afraid to get it wet

Casual: The lovely Latina pulled her hair back into a bun and dove into the water, enjoying the coolness without worrying about getting her locks wet.

Relaxation: Jennifer is getting in some relaxation time this afternoon at her South Beach H๏τel ahead of her big performance tonight on stage with Enrique Inglesias at the American Airlines arena

Jennifer is taking a break today at her hotel in South Beach to unwind before her performance with Enrique Inglesias tonight at the American Airlines arena. She shared with The Sun that she hasn’t given up on love and relationships. However, she acknowledged that there is an expiration date for these things and that time is limited. Love is a significant part of her personality and the reason why she is passionate about her work as she has a lot to express on the subject. She believes that love is what gives meaning to her life.

Splashing about: The singer was seen spending some quality time with her twins, including daughter Emme

Enjoying a Splash: The vocalist was spotted having a wonderful time with her twins, which included delightful moments with her daughter Emme.

Lift off: J-Lo was seen giving her son Max a lift in the water

Take off: J-Lo Spotted with Son Max in the Water
Jennifer Lopez took a break from her busy schedule to unwind at her South Beach hotel before her performance with Enrique Inglesias at the American Airlines arena. The two artists are currently on tour with Casper Smart as the head choreographer. Unfortunately, their vacation came to an end, and they were spotted boarding a private jet together. J-Lo enjoyed some quality time with her son Max in the water, giving him a lift, before heading back to work.

Alone time: The singer wrapped her legs around the toyboy while they waded in the water

Taking a moment for oneself: The vocalist intertwined her legs around her younger partner as they stood in the shallow waters.

Give me a lift! JLo hiked it on Casper's back as he walked along the bottom of the pool

Assist me a bit! JLo got a ride on Casper’s back while he strolled through the pool.

Happy together: Casper flashed a wide grin as he splashed around with the star

Casper was all smiles as he played around with his celebrity girlfriend JLo. She decided to quit American Idol earlier this year to spend more time with her loved ones and work on her acting career. Both Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson have also resigned from their judging duties. Recently, it was revealed that JLo will be appearing on Katie Couric’s talk show alongside other big names like Barbara Streisand and Jessica Simpson.

Is that what she sees in him? Casper showed off his chiseled abs poolside

Is that what catches her eye about him? Casper flaunted his toned stomach while lounging poolside. In an upcoming episode of Katie, set to premiere on September 10th, the talk show is expected to feature a conversation with J-Lo regarding her life after American Idol. Jennifer recently expressed to The ᴀssociated Press that she misses working on films. She explained that the past two years have been heavily focused on her music due to the nature of her previous commitment. However, acting is where her career began, and it remains a passion of hers.

Mellow yellow: Jennifer was also seen poolside on Thursday in this bright yellow fringed ʙικιɴι

Jennifer was spotted soaking up the sun by the pool on Thursday, wearing a vibrant yellow fringed swimsuit.

Fun in the sun: She was joined by her boyfriend Casper, and the pair had a ball with the twins when they had their own little pool party

Having a blast under the bright sun, she was accompanied by her partner Casper, and together they had a great time with the twins while hosting a small pool party.

Bohemian: J-Lo slipped into this bohemian-style kaftan to go for lunch with Casper yesterday

Jennifer Lopez opted for a relaxed bohemian look when she went out for lunch with Casper on a recent day. Fans can look forward to seeing her in the upcoming thriller Parker, which is based on Donald Westlake’s novel Flashfire. Additionally, JLo has recently appeared in the comedy What to Expect When You’re Expecting alongside Cameron Diaz, and lent her voice to the character Shira, a sabre-toothed tiger, in Ice Age: Continental Drift.

The holiday's over! J Lo carries Emme and walks beside Casper as they head onto her private jet together today

J Lo and her crew are done with vacation mode as they prepare to board their private jet today. With her daughter Emme in tow, J Lo walks alongside Casper towards the plane.

Travelling in style: J Lo is currently on tour with Enrique Iglesias

J Lo is presently on the road with Enrique Iglesias, traveling in the utmost style.