Known for her gorgeous look and a stunning physique, Jennifer Lopez never fails to impress her fans. Well aware of what looks good on her incredible body, Lopez sported a skin-colored dress and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Speaking about her life, career, and her 2013 film Parker, the actress shared some interesting inside information.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Recalling a few scenes with her co-star Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez expressed her honest feelings regarding a particular scene. Discussing her discomfort, the actress spoke about the “nerve racking” strip-off scene with Statham. Despite knowing how desirable her feminine physique is, the actress seemed to feel insecure with n*dity.

Jennifer Lopez Recalls Her Uncomfortable Scene From Parker

Making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jennifer Lopez attracted all eyes to her with her skin color dress. Maintaining her stunning position while sitting, the actress flaunted her slender legs in her gorgeous dress. Known for her desirable physique as well as her exquisite talent for singing, acting, and dancing, Lopez was welcomed heartily by the host, Jimmy Kimmel. Sitting to discuss her personal life and her then-newly released movie Parker, Lopez was asked about her steamy scene with Jason Statham.
Jennifer LopezThe intimate scene from Parker
Jimmy Kimmel was quick to ask the highly anticipated question of whether she removed all her clothes during the intimate scene. Recalling the moment, Jennifer Lopez stated, “Not all of them but enough to make me feel uncomfortable,”. Habituated with skin shows in the entertainment business, it was somewhat shocking to learn, the actress found the scene uncomfortable. Further expressing herself, Lopez shared, “My heart was beating out of my chest, it was awful. You can hear a pin drop, everyone knows it’s coming.” Despite sharing her honest feelings, the actress didn’t mention the reason for her discomfort during the scene.

Jennifer Lopez Allows A Glimpse Into Her Life 

Stunning her fans with crazy behind the scene information, Jennifer Lopez was further asked about her personal life. The Latino singer appearing in a half ponytail and her trademark hooped earrings spoke about her twins. On being asked about the time she wakes up, Lopez mentioned, “Well I have twins as you know and they get up around seven. They come in and wake me up.” Making her audience laugh with quick humor, Lopez further spoke about her tour.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez speaks about her twins

Sharing her kid’s reaction to her performance at the tour, the Ain’t Your Mama singer stated, “My daughter kind of watches like ‘oh my god’…but my son he’s like ‘Mummmmmy’ but I can’t hear him”. Speaking about her personal life and her kid’s involvement, Lopez simply fixated her audience’s mind on her “awful” scene. She recalled stripping off her underwear in Parker before sharing a passionate kiss with Jason Statham in the shower.