Jennifer Lopez is a well-recognized celebrity not only because of her marriage with Ben Affleck but the impeccable career she has made on her own. Jenny from the Bronx has gained critical acclaim in the music and acting industry but the start is always the hardest. Given that she can now put her demands forward from who she wants to work with to what she can do, it was not always the same.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer LopezBen Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
The actress in one of her old interviews opened up about an uncomfortable experience working with Wesley Snipes when the duo starred together in an action-comedy film, Money Train.

Jennifer Lopez Had Her First Big Role in Money Train

Money TrainJennifer Lopez in Money Train

The 53-year-old actress, Jennifer Lopez opened up about her first big role in the 1995 film, Money Train. It was the time when she was just starting out in her career which turned out to be unpleasant due to a particular scene in the film. Starring as leading lady alongside stars like Wesley Snipes, and Woody Harrelson, she told the SAG-AFTRA Foundation about her first “horrible” love scene experience.
“Ugh! It was horrible. It was my first one… my first big role in a big-budget movie. And I had to do this love scene. And I had never done a love scene before.”
She opened up about doing “kissing, caressing” before her major role but she was quite nervous about doing her first s*x scene. What made her uncomfortable was the person who was doing the lovemaking scene with her, which was none other than the Blade star.

Further in the interview, she explained about having no intention to perform the scene, especially the fact it was not in the script. She felt it was unnecessary given the nature of the film however decided to approach it carefully as it would have jeopardized her acting career.
“I didn’t think I had the right to say “No”, like, ‘No, I’m not doing this, and that’s it!’ I just tried to put it like, ‘We don’t really need this. It’s not that kind of film. This is an action movie. It’s not in the script.’”

She talked about how that s*x scene suddenly chimed into the script.

The Steamy Lovemaking Scene Was Wesley Snipes’ Idea!

Jennifer Lopez and Wesley SnipesJennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes

She even clarified that the s*x scene served no purpose in the story however they eventually went ahead with it as it was someone else’s demand.
“That’s the thing: It wasn’t even in the original script! The producers added it during filming. It wasn’t called for. It served no purpose in the story. You know what I mean? They just wanted a s*x scene. Or rather the star did. Who was just a total jerk.”
Speaking of Snipes, she stated,
“He was a big star at that time, with a lot of clout, and I was just starting out. It was my big break. And he really pressured me.”
She went on to add that he pressurized her into doing the film by even stating that if the lovemaking scene was not “hot,” it might affect her role in the film. Given the gravity of the situation, she might have lost her glamorous career before even kicking it off.
“So we did it, and it was horrible. We were both completely naked, with nothing between us except a sock on his boner!”
Wesley Snipes and Jennifer Lopez Wesley Snipes and Jennifer Lopez
She added how she felt “violated” in the scene due to his inappropriate gestures.
“So here’s this famous actor, basically humping my leg and pawing away at my br–sts and kissing them. It was awful. I felt violated.”
She continued,
“I swore I’d never work with him again. He’s not done too well lately anyway… so maybe that’s karma!”

The actress continued to work hard and got her major breakthrough with 1997 Selena meanwhile Snipes appeared in various roles but was never able to expand his stardom. Meanwhile, the Money Train was a box-office bomb that was unable to impress the fans and critics.

Money Train is available on HBO Max.