“Beyonce loves all the signs … but I motherf*cking don’t.”

Screenshots from Cardi B's TikTok. Cardi B thinks she’s figured out which horoscope signs might be a red flag when it comes to dating men, and while we’re not sure if she’s right, we’re definitely here for her explanation.

The singer recently posted a hilarious TikTok video running through all the “bad” zodiac signs for guys, and the whole thing is a pretty wild ride.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

“Beyonce loves all the signs,” she says in the video, “but I motherf*cking don’t.”

So if you’re dating someone with one of these horoscope signs, you might want to pay attention!

“Imma give you a rundown on all the signs and their f*ckery,” Cardi B says in her video, which has already gained over 4.7 million views. She adds in the caption that if you don’t agree, it’s because you’re “GUILTY.”

The first horoscope sign on her list is Taurus, and to be fair, she starts off by saying pretty lovely things about them.

“They are the perfect sign, they’re really nice, they’re humble,” she says in the video. “They’re like the person you have a kid with, but they’re just never the one. They’re always lacking on something. I don’t know what it is.”

“Damn, I’m a Taurus,” commented Lizzo under the video.

At least she’s not a Scorpio, because Cardi B says they “stink.”

She added that Cancer signs “love to cheat” and “do f*ckery,” while Aries signs are “mean” dudes who have “mommy issues” and “everything that their mother lacked, they expect from you.”

“Sympathy and payola!” she says.

“Pisces will listen to all of your problems,” she says. “They will make you feel like you’re special, like they understand what you’re going through, and then they’re going to steal from your purse.”

She went on to say that Libras are all about the “it’s not you, it’s them” excuse.

“If they don’t have their life together, if they don’t have their jobs together, they’re not gonna cuff ya’ll because they put their work and their dreams before you.”