Cardi B Says She Prefers Birkins Over Rental Properties As Gifts – “We have tenants that haven’t even paid f**king rent for like nine months!”

Cardi B says she will take a Birkin over a rental property any day, while lamenting over property woes.

On Instagram the WAP rapper she prefers a good Birkin over a new property.

“We have tenants that haven’t even paid f**king rent for like nine months!” Cardi vented. “Nine months! And sometimes, we be so busy, and our house managers, they’ll be so busy that we like, ‘You know what? Don’t even f**king take them to court,’ because we just be so f**king tired. Like, we don’t even have time for that because we be doing so much s**t.”

She continued, saying, “People be like, ‘Oh, get property, get property, get property.’ Let’s not even talk about the Dominican Republic Airbnb that this ni**a bought me. Always something! Please! I don’t want properties as a gift. I love me a good a** Birkin.”


Here are few reasons Cardi may be on to something with her Birkin preference:

1. Investment Value: Over the years, the value of Birkin bags has appreciated significantly. Some collectors and investors view them as a tangible asset class, similar to art or vintage cars. They often sell at auctions for prices much higher than their original retail prices.

2. Exclusivity and Limited Supply: Hermes, the fashion house that manufactures Birkin bags, is highly selective about who can purchase them. They produce a limited number of bags each year, making them exclusive and hard to obtain. This limited supply drives up demand and, consequently, their value.

It’s important to note that while Birkin bags can appreciate in value, their value can also fluctuate based on market conditions and trends, and they may not offer the same level of stability as traditional property investments.

Cardi’s latest additions to her collection

According to Page Six Offset, 31, presented his wife with a stack of three of the French fashion house’s signature orange boxes for her birthday recently.

Cardi B squealed as she opened the first, which contained a hot pink crocodile Kelly bag; a similar style recently sold for close to $92,000 on 1stdibs.

But her next purse blew the first out of the water.

Cardi unboxed an extremely rare Faubourg Birkin — often called the “House Birkin,” as it’s modeled after Hermès’ Paris storefront on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

One of the purses is currently listed on 1stdibs for a staggering $298,975.

“My favorite!” Cardi screamed upon unwrapping the unique carryall, joking, “I don’t even think I’m ready to see the other one.”

Offset suggested she “take a shot” before opening her last box, which housed a glossy gold-colored crocodile Birkin.

A similar version sold at a Christie’s auction in 2020 for $72,000, bringing the total value of Cardi’s birthday gifts to approximately $462,975.