Patrick Mahomes’ NFL Combine Numbers: How Did Chiefs’ Star Perform Compared to His Draft Class? His Stats, Sprints, Jumps & Grade

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In the world of the NFL, Patrick Mahomes stands out as an exceptional player. His athleticism and skills have made him a top quarterback in the NFL. However, even the best athletes face challenges, and Mahomes’ journey to success wasn’t one without its hurdles. One of these hurdles was the 2017 NFL Combine, where he encountered uncertainty and difficulties.

Patrick Mahomes’ NFL Combine results provide insights into his perseverance, resolve, and self-belief. Caleb Williams, the recent Heisman Trophy winner, has frequently been compared to Mahomes, and this comparison is gaining more attention as he moves to the NFL. Experts and fans point out similarities in their playing styles.

Grading Patrick Mahomes' combine performance - Viva The Matadors

Patrick Mahomes’ rise to stardom: From Combine performance to NFL success

Patrick Mahomes’s incredible career has faced challenges, especially during the 2017 NFL Combine. Despite his remarkable feats, Mahomes’ Combine performance was met with criticism and doubt. At the Combine, Mahomes ran the 40-yard sprint twice, recording an unimpressive time of 4.80 seconds on both attempts. While speed is not his defining strength, these results did not positively impact his chances in the draft. Patrick Mahomes was drafted 10th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs.

As a rookie, Mahomes assumed the role of backup quarterback behind veteran Alex Smith. During this time, he focused on improving his skills and learned valuable insights from Smith. During the draft evaluation process, Mahomes’ unique skill set caught the attention of numerous teams who saw him as a promising investment. Fortunately, the Chiefs recognized Mahomes’ potential and tailored a system to optimize his talents.

Mahomes’ Combine stats included a 40-yard sprint in 4.80 seconds, a vertical jump of 30 inches, a 9 feet, 6 inches wide jump, and a 3-cone drill in 6.88 seconds. Despite varying Combine results, the NFL gave Mahomes a respectable grade of 6.30, predicting his progression into a notable starter. Mahomes has surely fulfilled these expectations, enthralling fans with his captivating playing style. But can Caleb Williams share the same fate?

Comparisons to Mahomes: Heightened expectations for Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams is a top prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft, resembling the reigning superstar, Patrick Mahomes. NFL analyst Daniel Jeremiah identifies parallels in their playing styles, as Williams displays creativity, flair, and a diverse throwing repertoire akin to Mahomes. Despite their different levels of experience, Jeremiah draws similarities between them, especially during their last college seasons, both of which were hindered by defensive issues. While Mahomes spent a season preparing before entering the NFL, Williams may make an immediate impact, creating a unique pathway for his career.

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