Johnny Depp after 2 years won the lawsuit against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp lost weight, cut his hair neatly and pursued an elegant style. The actor is living in England and has no intention of returning to Hollywood.

April marked 2 years of closing the pending defamation lawsuit of the Hollywood star couple. According to Variety , despite losing the lawsuit, Amber Heard still found her way back to movies. And of course, winners like Johnny Depp are sure to build a solid foothold and regain public trust.

On April 15 (UK time), the actor appeared on the red carpet introducing the work Jeanne Du Barry in London, marking his first return to the film race after the scandal. In the film, he plays King Louis XV.

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Depp shared with reporters at the event: “I was very lucky to be invited to play this role, strangely lucky. Because when I first met Maïwenn and discussed the idea for this movie, for the role of King of Water France, I still can’t believe that will happen.”

The comeback is not yet groundbreaking

Jeanne du Barry is 116 minutes long and follows Jeanne Vaubernier (Maïwenn), a working-class woman who uses seduction to escape a life of poverty. Her lover, Comte du Barry (Melvil Poupaud), wants to introduce her to King Louis XV (Johnny Depp) so he asks Duke Richelieu (Pierre Richard) to arrange the meeting.

Thanks to this seductive courtesan, the king rediscovered his desire for life and felt he could not live without Jeanne. Making Jeanne his official mistress, King Louis XV angered the people.

There are many mixed opinions surrounding the film. While The Guardian described Depp as “playing the role of an old, slow dandy”, The Hollywood Reporter commented that the actor brought the initial thrill, acted well, and ensured a beautiful look.

However, Variety writer Peter Debruge commented that “Depp is strangely uncomfortable in this role”. He commented: “Johnny often leaves an impression with just a wink. However, even when the character Louis XV winks (to Jeanne) a lot, the connection between them is still absent. That makes reduces the chemistry between the two main actors.”

In the face of controversy, Depp appeared calm, saying he would accept everyone’s opinions and suggestions, instead of explaining in the usual form.

Johnny Depp as King Louis XV in the new movie. Photo: Entertainment Weekly.

Jeanne du Barry is set to be widely released in theaters in the UK and US from May. Before that, the work took on the opening screening position at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and Depp received a 7-minute applause for his role. King Louis XV. The actor, with tears in his eyes, thanked the experts and fans for their support.

Similar to other actors, in the film, Depp had to speak entirely in French. For him, this is a challenge but also an interesting experience. “Even though I could communicate in French, to match the 18th century French accent, I took pronunciation courses with experts. My goal was to speak as naturally as possible while still maintaining focus on acting,” he shared.

Depp’s fate has truly changed. From being ostracized, he regained the trust of the majority. During the press conference after the release of Jeanne du Barry, Deadline ‘s journalist asked whether Depp felt isolated by Hollywood, and he replied: “Of course I feel ostracized just because of gossip.”

Life at age 61

According to Marca , the recent appearance on the red carpet of Jeanne du Barry showed that Johnny Depp “transformed” his appearance. He lost weight, cut his hair neatly and had a more elegant, elegant dressing style.

Previously, Depp was familiar with the public through his bohemian style. He often has long, shoulder-length hair, wears dusty clothes combined with a scarf, hat, and many heavy accessories.

Sources said the actor changed his hairstyle 2 weeks before filming the Dior advertisement. Since last year, Depp signed a $20 million contract to continue promoting the French company’s Sauvage perfume line. This deal helped him surpass Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt to become the highest paid star representing a perfume company.

Johnny Depp brother 3

Johnny Depp lost weight and changed his hairstyle before his 61st birthday. Photo: Justjared.

Currently, Depp lives in England after spending time in France. People close to him revealed to EW that the actor is suitable for the London environment, so he will stay here for a long time and has no plans to return to Hollywood. “Johnny lived in England while editing Modi – the biopic he is directing. He is living a healthier lifestyle than before,” said a friend.

According to The Independent , Depp spent millions of pounds to own an 850-acre estate in rural Somerset, southwest England. This is where he rests after a busy work schedule. Sharing in March 2023, Depp said he “could be himself” while in Somerset.

On April 15, Italy’s Corriere delle Sera newspaper reported that Amber Heard’s ex-husband was considering buying a historic castle worth $4 million in Montalto Dora, Italy. Depp is said to have visited the ancient fortress located in the hills of Mount Crovero and felt very satisfied.

The castle has undergone careful restoration, has an area of ​​more than 2,000 m2, including 11 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and a tiled yard. The property also includes a 15th-century chapel.

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