WATCH : Kanye West Reveals How Kim K For Exploits His Daughters.Q

Kanye West Reveals How Kim K For Exploits His Daughters

Kim Kardashian recently opened up about the challenges of co-parenting with her ex-husband Kanye West…however, Kanye is now flipping the script and exposing Kim for exploiting his daughters!

In her new interview with Angie Martinez, Kim broke down while talking about how she’s doing her best to protect her kids from Kanye’s controversies and she claimed the kids have no idea what is going on on social media.

However, Kanye recently expressed concern for his children’s wellbeings – especially his daughters

So who is telling the truth here? Is Kim exploiting her daughters for profit?

Not gon’ lie. I don’t trust any of em Kardashian.

Kanye might look crazy to you but please, take a min to consider how many artists are exposing the industry for what it is.


I don’t understand how ANYONE can continue to believe Kim’s FAKE emotional moments.

Wasn’t she the one that cried about the sex tape, and now we have found out that her and her mother masterminded the WHOLE thing???

And what about the fake crying in the car shoot with her mother over her ending her marriage to that basketball player, Kris???

Please let us turn the page on the Kardashians in 2023. Enough already with the bullish!!!

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