(N) Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were shocked by rumors that Brad Pitt’s secret lover was pregnant. “The truth is exposed”

Brad Pitt may be a daddy once again, this time the baby mama being his latest professor girlfriend. Full story here!

In recent times, the internet was abuzz with the news of Brad Pitt’s romantic involvement with a much younger professor, causing a stir among fans and the media alike.

The excitement escalated when a popular magazine claimed on its cover that Brad Pitt’s secret lover was now pregnant. However, it appears that the information might not be as accurate as initially reported.

A reputable gossip website, Bad Gossip, promptly intervened to set the record straight.

According to the website, the magazine had taken an unethical route by publishing details that were not verified or confirmed, labeling the pregnancy news as untrue.

Brad Pitt và Angelina Jolie chia tay vì người thứ ba?

In an effort to bolster their narrative, the magazine even shared images of Brad Pitt’s exes, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, seemingly reacting with horror to the news.

Bad Gossip disclosed that the magazine had not only failed to fact-check but had also gone as far as posting images to sensationalize the unverified claims.

The inside pages of the magazine allegedly contained information leaked by the professor in question about her supposed encounter with Brad Pitt at an art viewing event, leading to their romantic involvement and her subsequent pregnancy.

Jennifer Aniston: “Chia tay Brad Pitt không quá đau khổ” | VTV.VN

Despite these details, Bad Gossip emphasized the lack of confirmation on the pregnancy news, urging caution and suggesting that the entire story could be false.

The report also highlighted the potential harm caused by spreading unverified information and showcased the misleading nature of the sensationalized images.

In conclusion, readers were encouraged to comment on the article and share their thoughts on the matter.

Brad Pitt's New Friend Neri Oxman: What to Know

The importance of critical thinking and skepticism regarding celebrity news, especially when not substantiated, was underscored.

As the situation unfolded, the audience was reminded to stay tuned for any authentic updates on Brad Pitt and the alleged secret lover, with the promise of more accurate reporting from the channel in the future.


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