Kylie Jenner ripped for her ‘disgusting’ treatment of Hailey Bieber after fans spot sad detail in background of new pic

KYLIE Jenner has been slammed for cropping her friend Hailey Bieber out of her latest Instagram post.

The Kardashian star was advertising her new Halloween makeup line with Hailey, but her friend wasn’t good enough to make the crop cut for Kylie’s Instagram post.

Kylie Jenner has been slammed for a shady Instagram move with her friend Hailey Bieber

Kylie Jenner has been slammed for a shady Instagram move with her friend Hailey BieberCredit: TikTok/@kyliejenner

Kylie cropped Hailey out of a post from a day they both dressed up with all green skin

Kylie cropped Hailey out of a post from a day they both dressed up with all green skinCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner
Fans were shocked Kylie cropped Hailey out of a photo where they both posed covered in green makeup.

Only Hailey’s gloved hand was visible on the side of the photo.

Shocked critics took to an online forum to discuss Kylie’s harsh snub.

One said: “Bad friend, much?”

Earlier this month, Kylie shared all of the snaps including Hailey from their spooky dress-up.

The reality star took to her TikTok profile to share a video with the model and her pop star husband, Justin.

The trio rode together to a famous pizza spot where they indulged in a cheesy treat.

But fans were shocked to see that Kylie and Hailey were covered in green paint from head to toe, as they were dressed as Elphaba from Wicked on their outing.

The TV personality filmed as she and her buddies exited their limo, showing off the girls’ tattered black dresses and vibrant green skin.

“My friends took me to go get pizza!” she exclaimed.

Kylie then filmed a selfie clip as she asked: “Why is everyone staring at us?”

“I know, I feel like we’re dressed so normally. So it makes no sense, ya know?” Hailey replied sarcastically.

The Kardashians star smiled at the camera as they entered the pizza joint, before pointing the camera down at Hailey and Justin Bieber’s feet.

Kylie filmed the restaurant filled with Halloween decor, the pizza slices for sale, and then another selfie as she flaunted her green look with her model friend.

The last shot showed the beauty mogul munching on a slice of pepperoni as she winked at the camera.


The mother of two’s wild outfit followed her brand new makeup line debut, a collaboration with Batman.

Kylie kept her fans updated for days around the drop, sharing various looks in the cosmetics as well as her dramatic costumes used to promote the new venture.

The makeup mogul gave her 371 million followers a glimpse at what they could expect from the promo images for the new launch.

The first video included an array of designer heels ranging in color from black, blue, yellow, and beige.

The second clip featured rather creepy-looking rubber masks lined up in all different colors too.

Kylie didn’t narrate the video, but no doubt she was preparing to try the masks on.

The next video gave Kylie’s fans a good look at the new products and confirmed that the makeup palette was disguised as a comic book.

Another behind-the-scenes shot showed Kylie wearing a sexy black leather jumpsuit whilst she sat in front of the famous Gotham backdrop which included Batman’s trademark signal in the sky.

The Kardashians star also gave fans a close-up of her makeup look for the shoot, which included elaborate black and yellow eyeshadow and stand-out nude lipgloss.

She also shared some bold braless photos as well as the release date of her new comic-colliding line.

“Batman x Kylie coming 10.19,” she captioned the Instagram post, with a bat emoji.


Earlier this month, Kylie first announced the new line on social media, posting a mysterious clip that showed her posing in the famous Batman mask.

Kylie was displayed in a series of old-fashioned TV sets wearing a black catsuit as an ominous soundtrack played.

The TV sets show the Hulu star’s famous pouted lips, and her eyes were darkened with thick eyeliner.

She told her 370 million followers on Instagram that the collaboration was a “dream come true.”

Fans ripped Kylie for being a terrible friend

Fans ripped Kylie for being a terrible friendCredit: TikTok/kyliejenner

On the day they dressed up, Kylie, Hailey and her husband Justin all went out to get pizza

On the day they dressed up, Kylie, Hailey and her husband Justin all went out to get pizzaCredit: TikTok/kyliejenner

Kylie has been promoting her new Batman collaboration makeup line

Kylie has been promoting her new Batman collaboration makeup lineCredit: TikTok/kyliejenner

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