Travis Kelce Causes Massive Outrage For Incredibly Disgusting Tweet About Easter

Esto dice Travis Kelce de su relación con Taylor Swift

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When you are more in the public eye due to your relationship with Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce needs to know that there are certain things he cannot have on his X account anymore.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is getting blasted this week after someone did a deep dive on his account and found something that was rather disgusting.

On Jesus and Easter, Travis Kelce wrote, “happy easter to all!!! #shoutout to Jesus for taking one for the team…. haha,” the tweet, which has since been deleted, wrote.

Before he could delete it, a screenshot was taken and it has since gone viral.


Travis Kelce has previously spoken up about his old tweets, calling them “nonsense.”
“What’s hilarious is that nobody followed me back then. I was just using Twitter as like a diary,” Kelce said on his “New Heights” podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce. “I’m just out here just saying nonsense. ‘I just gave a squirrel a piece of bread’ and spelled squirrel like a (expletive). … This is why I don’t tweet anymore because it’s just nonsense.”
As you can see, those tweets happened back in 2010, which would’ve made Travis Kelce around the age of 20 and would’ve been attending the University of Cincinnati alongside his brother, Jason.

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Will Travis Kelce catch backlash for this? Absolutely. However, it is the offseason and this story was just a blip on the radar by the time the 2024 NFL season gets started.

In the meantime, Trvis Kelce as well as his other teammates are still basking in the celebration of winning Super Bowl 58 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Travis Kelce Showed How Much of A Good Teammate He Was With Actions During 2023 Season Finale Game In Regular Season

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By sitting out of the regular season finale, Kelce showed how good of a teammate he was as other players got a chance to play and get viable playing experience.

In doing so, Kelce forfeited the opportunity to extend his 1,000-yard receiving streak. He needed just 16 yards but decided to end his 2023 campaign with 93 receptions for 984 receiving yards and five touchdowns.