Clive Tyldesley announces new job at major broadcaster after leaving ITV

Clive Tyldesley has announced a new job at a major broadcaster.

Tyldesley’s 28 years with ITV came to an end during the Euro 2024 last-16 stage.

The 69-year-old broadcaster was replaced by Sam Matterface as ITV’s main commentator back in 2020 and instead took the No.2 role.


However, he informed ITV’s football editor that his contract would not be renewed beyond the European Championships and revealed on his podcast that he has signed with US network CBS.

He said: “All I can do is keep reviewing my own standards, keep making myself available.

“If someone like CBS – who have given me a four-year contract to cover the Champions League for the USA – show that sort of confidence in me then I can only assure you I will repay that faith by working bloody hard and trying to be as good as I can be.”

Tyldesley added that he had offered himself up to Sky when Martin Tyler left his role while he also made contact with TNT Sports and Channel 4.


He said: “I don’t have an agent, as such, I feel as if I’ve actually got better contacts than a lot of agents have.

“When Martin was moved aside by Sky, they knew of my position, they decided to take on Peter Drury and I totally respect how popular he is, probably more popular than I am.

“But Peter then left Premier League Productions in order to take on that role and another one in the USA.

“I made Premier League Productions aware of my availability for the last four or five years.

“They’ve got a dozen or so commentators contracted, they think they are all better than I am.

“TNT, when they took over the BT Sport contract, I contacted them and said I was available, they took on Adam Summerton because they thought he was better than I was.

Clive Tyldesley has announced a new job at a major broadcaster (Getty)
Clive Tyldesley has announced a new job at a major broadcaster (Getty)

“Channel 4 when they took over the England contract – which they’re now losing back to ITV – I contacted them and said I was available and they took on Steve Bower – who I think is a particularly good commentator.


“But what I’m saying is, they’re aware but if you’re shouting from the rooftops because you think I should be doing any of these jobs, believe me, I have put myself up for them.

“It’s fine, I’ve been a lucky boy in my career. If I never commentate on another football match, I’ve been a lucky boy.

“It’s not a tragedy but in answer to the question I keep getting asked, ‘Why have ITV done this?’ I don’t know the answer, you’d have to ask the heads of sport.”