Duke Philip married Elizabeth, the future Queen of England, in 1947. From now on, his life will turn to a new page with ups and downs. He became the person behind the spotlight to support his partner.



Part 1: Childhood love and the road to marriage between Elizabeth and Philip

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The photo was taken of the couple in 1951 with their two children (Prince Charles and Princess Anne) in their arms 

After the wedding, the events have only just begun. Philip was accustomed to an active life and was easily bored with the desk job at the Navy that he was assigned. The couple’s two children, later Prince Charles and Princess Anne, were born in 1948 and 1950, respectively. The family lived at Clarence House, where Philip continuously experienced change. Philip was stationed in Malta and Elizabeth visited him, staying with him for several months at a time. There, Elizabeth was simply an officer’s wife, away from all attention.

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Elizabeth and Philip visited a national park in Kenya in February 1952

In early 1952, Elizabeth and Philip departed for a visit to Kenya. They started at the reception at “Treetops”, a tent overlooking a well in Alberdare national park. On the night of February 9, 1952, King George VII died in his sleep. After this news reached the royal staff, Philip informed his wife that his beloved father had passed away and they returned to London.

Thien Thien Elizabeth-Philip_3


The Treetops tent, where Princess Elizabeth received the shock of the King’s death

The king’s death was a terrible shock to both Elizabeth and Philip. The king’s health had been in poor condition for many years, even though he was still quite young. King George VI was only 56 years old. Elizabeth and Philip had hoped for many years of free travel. But now Philip is the Queen’s husband and everything has changed.

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Elizabeth, now Queen, and her husband returned to England after a visit to Kenya due to the death of her father

The future Queen’s family moved from their private residence, Clarence House, to their less intimate home, Buckingham Palace. Philip had to give up his role in the navy. And Elizabeth’s grandmother, Queen Mother Mary, will have to give the new queen a royal name.

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Queen Elizabeth II and Philip wave to people from the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the coronation ceremony in June 1953

Philip had assumed that his wife would bear his surname, Moutbatten. And his uncle Dickie had made some unwise boasts about the royal family of Mountbatten. But British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Queen Mother Mary were determined: the future Queen’s surname must remain Windsor. Philip felt broken hearted. “I am nothing but a parasite.”

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Prince Philip sits next to the Queen as she gives her memorial speech to members of the Canadian Parliament in 1957

At that time, Elizabeth and Philip’s next children were born: Andrew in 1960 and Edward in 1964. The Queen issued a decree that any male heirs could not be granted the title of Prince or Prince. The future King will bear the surname Moutbatten-Windsor. It was a small victory.


Children of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip: Princess Anne, Prince Charles, and younger brothers Princes Edward and Andrew pose with their parents at Balmoral Castle in Scotland during the royal family’s annual summer vacation . 

Philip suffered prejudice against his efforts to carve out a greater role for himself. There was opposition to his chairmanship of Elizabeth’s coronation commission and his attempt to create a system of Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

However, with his patience, hard work and constant dedication to assisting the Queen in her work, Prince Philip has won the respect and affection of both the government and the British people.



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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip during their visit to New Zealand in 1977

Philip has a passion for technology and he became the first member of the royal family to be interviewed on television. In the program, he discussed young apprentices on BBC Panorama with Richard Dimbleby in 1961.


Philip also participated in the documentary “The Royal Family”, broadcast in 1969. The film captivated the whole of Britain when it showed footage depicting the life of the royal family at home, including footage of the Royal Family. Philip himself is grilling sausages in the garden.


Queen Elizabeth lunches with her husband and children at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, 1969. Camera left for the BBC documentary “The Royal Family.” Richard Cawston followed the royal family closely for more than a year so the series could air. 


The Queen and her husband flew back from Yorkshire, footage from the documentary

Prince Philip is a patron of more than 800 organizations. And like his nephews William and Harry, he cares about the environment and wildlife. He was Chairman of the World Wildlife Fund from 1961-1982.

Prince Philip was especially fond of the younger royals and will be fondly remembered by many of them. People still remember the sad moments of the past when Princess Diana passed away in September 1997, leaving the two little princes William and Harry alone without a mother. Prince Philip was present with his grandsons William and Harry as they quietly followed Princess Diana’s coffin through the streets of London.


Prince Philip followed to say goodbye to the Princess’s coffin, along with Prince William, Earl Spencer, Prince Harry and Prince Charles in September 1997

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The Queen of England and her husband next to the bouquets of flowers sent by the public to commemorate Princess Diana

The royal family’s prestige dropped after Princess Diana passed away. However, on the Diamond Jubilee commemorating the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne, in 2012, the British public’s passion for the royal family was evident through celebration parties across the country.

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The Queen, seated next to Prince Philip, addresses both the House of Lords and the House of Commons to mark her 60th anniversary on the throne, in March 2012.

Through ups and downs, the Duke of Edinburgh remains the Queen’s loyal companion. She is the monarch with the longest marriage and Prince Philip is also the longest-married fiance in the world. At the age of 99 (he will be 100 in just two months), Prince Philip has lived longer than any descendant of Queen Victoria.


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip hold hands on August 3, 2008 in London

For an intelligent and active man, it is not easy to walk behind the Queen. But as Prince William once said: “Prince Philip has completely put his personal career aside to support his spouse and not take on the limelight.”

The Duke always accepts challenges with integrity and tolerance. He never left the Queen alone but took on a bigger role, which was to support and help her. As the Queen said during her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, Prince Philip is her strength and her guide.”