Royal family united against Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s ‘attacks’

The senior members of the royal family continue to navigate crisis together

Royal family united against Prince Harry, Meghan Markle attacks


Royal family united against Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘attacks’

King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William, and Princess Kate continue to display a united front against any adversity thrown their way.

Speaking to GB News, royal expert Lady Colin Campbell claimed a new sense of unity fostered within the royal family after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle abruptly called time on their duties four years ago.

The couple since moved to Montecito, California, to raise their children away from the shadow of negativity that comes with being part of the firm.


They also hurled several allegations at the senior royal members on several occasions in an attempt to expose them.

“They’re almost a unit. They, and each of them, function in keeping with the best interests of, not only the monarchy, but each other’s interests,” explained Lady C to the outlet.

“Because they’re all very decent, family orientated and loving people who want everything to go as well as it can. They’re very positive, the four of them.

“All this adversity, not only the health issues, but all of the problems with Harry and Meghan has brought them all together,” she added.