Meghan Markle will ‘no doubt’ overtake Kate Middleton in popularity

Rumours have been circulating that Meghan Markle is set to make a big return to Instagram, with one expert suggesting she could overtake Kate Middleton in terms of popularity


Meghan Markle has faced a tough few months recently, but things could be about to change for the Duchess of Sussex.

Speculation has been mounting that Meghan is set to return to Instagram and relaunch her popular blog The Tig, with one PR expert suggesting she could overtake her sister-in-law Kate Middleton when it comes to popularity. A recent survey showed Kate and her husband Prince William way out in front in terms of popularity among the public.

However, PR to the stars Mayah Riaz believes this will soon change. Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, she said: “It’s no doubt when Meghan re-joins Instagram she will overtake Kate in terms of popularity.

“Kate’s Instagram is curated with huge precision. There are things which Kate isn’t able to post.”


Catherine Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton seems to have a carefully curated Instagram Image: Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock)

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle could rival her sister-in-law with a social media return (Image: Getty Images)

Mayah pointed out how it’s likely Kate has staff posting to social media on her behalf. The PR expert added: “Therefore, it paints a picture perfect life which the Royal Family are keen to portray.”


Meghan stepped down from the Royal Family three years ago, before moving to America with her husband Prince Harry. Mayah said this will allow Meghan to “post what she wishes”.

“She wont have to run it by anyone for approval before posting it,” Mayah explained. Speaking about what we could expect from Meghan’s Instagram, she added: “We can see all aspects of Meghan and her family life.”

Kate and Meghan
Meghan could share content that Kate can’t Image:PA)

Mayah said Meghan is likely to grab widespread media attention with her Instagram account. She told us: “We don’t often see Kate’s Instagram posts making headlines. However, Meghan’s life on Instagram will lead to headlines. We can also expect to hear news of projects announced first on her Instagram.”

Meghan and Harry were recently spotted dancing the night away at Beyoncé’s concert in California. Mayah said: “We have seen footage of Meghan dancing at Beyoncé’s concert as well as public display of affection with Harry. We would never see Kate and William like this.

“This is why there will be day and night difference between Meghan and Kate’s Instagram. Let’s not forget, people who love to hate Meghan will bizarrely still follow Meghan’s Instagram.”

However, she warned Meghan could be targeted by online trolls. “We are more likely to believe that Meghan herself will be posting on her Instagram. This will lead to an explosion of followers very quickly when it’s confirmed that @meghan is her account.

“Along with the explosion of following, I fear that a lot of it will be trolling. We have seen the amount of hate directed her way on Twitter (X) and sadly, I think that will follow on Instagram too.”