Meghan Markle slams Prince Harry after he unexpectedly loses $100 million in inheritance, including mansion and cars, due to King Charles’ actions

Meghan Markle Criticizes Prince Harry Over $100 Million Inheritance Loss

In a surprising twist, Meghan Markle has publicly criticized Prince Harry following reports of a significant financial setback. Prince Harry allegedly lost an inheritance worth $100 million, including properties and vehicles, due to decisions made by King Charles.

The couple’s former sanctuary, a £2.5 million Cotswolds home, once provided them respite amidst privacy concerns. However, intrusive media attention forced them to abandon the picturesque retreat for more secure surroundings.


Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare the Prince,” reveals his disappointment over their privacy invasion, citing relentless paparazzi tactics at the Cotswolds residence. The recent inheritance loss has intensified tensions between the couple, with Meghan Markle expressing frustration over the unforeseen financial setback.

This development highlights ongoing challenges for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they navigate life beyond traditional royal boundaries.