Justin Bieber was caught with a strange girl again in London

While Justin Bieber’s noisy love story with Sofia Richie has not yet subsided, the flower-loving male singer continues to be caught with another girl.

Just a week after a passionate vacation in Japan with his teenage girlfriend Sofia
Richie, Justin Bieber was captured by the paparazzi partying with Rihanna
and a beautiful blonde.  

According to Harpers Bazaar, the series of photos above were taken at Tape nightclub in Londo, England.
Even though the girl covered her face with her hands to avoid paparazzi lenses,
fans still easily recognized that this was Bronte Blampied.   

 For those who regularly follow information about male singer Sorry,
 Blampied is a completely unfamiliar face. She was a member
 of the group that accompanied Bieber to Hawaii in early August. She is active
in the entertainment industry as a model.      

 Currently, Justin Bieber fans are still eagerly searching for photos of the two
 of them together. According to what Blampied shared on Instagram,
 she had a very happy time in Hawaii with Justin Bieber
and other friends.    

Although the two may just be friends, the fact that she went on vacation with Bieber
or partied in a nightclub until 5 a.m. still makes many people skeptical
about the closeness of this relationship.     

Recently, male singer Justin Bieber has continuously stirred up the Beliebers community
(Bieber fans). The series of photos he took with Sofia Richie were
severely criticized by many people, causing him to angrily threaten to set his
Instagram page to private mode. The incident became even more serious when Selena Gomez stepped in,
and only ended when Bieber decided to officially delete this social network account.

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