Artists from the Shady Records camp keep supporting Snoop Dogg’s big tour. D12 opened for Snoop in Australia and New Zealand, now Obie Trice is touring Europe with him, bumping his joints with Eminem.


Before Obie left Shady Records in 2008, he recorded a skit for the D12 album “Devil’s Night”, an intro snippet for “The Eminem Show” lead single “Without Me”, while Eminem contributed his vocals and production to multiple songs on Obie’s Shady albums “Cheers” and the sophomore “Second Round’s on Me”.

At Snoop’s Rotterdam show, Obie spoke more about the connection he has with Marshall and shouted out to the man: “Fuck that! That’s my nigga. I want everybody to put your hands in the air. This is my motherfucking nigga, Marshall Mathers! Bring that shit back!”. And then a DJ played “Without Me”, which opens with Obie’s famous “Obie Trice, Real name, no gimmick”. He finished the segment with another shout out to Em: “Got have to pay homage to Mr. Marshall Mathers. One of the greatest of all time!”

Eminem and Obie Trice

During his set Obie Trice usually performs “Shit Hits The Fan”, a joint with Eminem and Dr. Dre released on his 2003 album “Cheers”. This time, the Detroit rapper called for more participation from the audience: “Listen, I need you all to sing Dr. Dre verse. Make the noise for Dr. motherfucking Dre. Put your middle fingers back up. Sing his verse”.

Watch these moments on the video below: