Emma Watson showed her tired face, dressed in casual black for the street

Emma Watson was seen on the street during her stay in London.

After fighting for gender equality and being busy on set, Emma Watson is enjoying a break at her home in London. Not so long ago, the 25-year-old actress was seen on the streets of London, and dressed quite casually with a loose, comfortable black sweater and trousers, contrary to the usual splendor on the red carpet. Sideways photos showed Emma without makeup, revealing a haggard-looking face and tired dark eyes.

Emma Watson was spotted shopping in London

The actress dresses very casually

Emma’s face was without makeup and looked tired

Emma recently embarked on the film project “Beauty And The Beast”. The actress was thrilled to announce to fans that she would be playing the lead role of Belle a few months ago. Speaking to the press, Emma added that the role will be challenging, as she will have to sing in the film.

In addition, Emma also signed a contract to participate in the film project “The Circle”, she will have the opportunity to act with Hollywood legend – Tom Hanks.

The young star is taking time off after being busy on set

The actress shopped for the necessary things with her own hands

After the success of “Harry Potter,” Emma is continuing to make a name for herself, and has the opportunity to work alongside superstars like Tom Hanks

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