Nigerian music sensation, Davido, has made headlines once again, as he reportedly gifted his wife, Chioma Adeleke, a lavish $900,000 mansion in Atlanta as a special present.

The couple recently welcomed twins in October, and their joy seems to know no bounds. Investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo took to her Instagram to confirm the news and praised the elegance and taste of the house.

Kemi also shared some advice with the music star, urging him to keep their new residence a secret. She expressed concern about potential security risks and cited examples like the unfortunate incidents involving Popsmoke and Airbnb locations.

In her message to Davido, she said, “This is how it starts. I like Davido’s push gift for Chioma, a mansion in Atlanta worth $900,000 after my real estate search of the address. Well furnished and tasteful, but videotaping the entire house over there is setting it up for burglaries and danger. Have we forgotten Popsmoke and the Airbnb location murders? David keeps it private. Nobody must know that location. Don’t do Ojuorolari.”

This generous gift from Davido to Chioma showcases his commitment and love for his family, and it’s clear that the couple is on cloud nine following the birth of their twins.

Davido’s fans eagerly await more news and updates from the talented artist.